Praça XV de Novembro

Centro & the Mainland

The center of town is the inviting Praça XV de Novembro, with its shady walks and 100-year-old fig tree.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Centro & the Mainland attractions

1. Museu Histórico de Santa Catarina

0.07 MILES

Formerly the colonial governor’s palace, this gorgeous must-see building has ornate parquet floors and extravagant 19th-century ceilings.

2. Catedral Metropolitana


You’ll hear the hourly ringing of bells in the Catedral Metropolitana, which sits grandly at the high end of the square and is the only church we've ever…

3. Igreja de NS do Rosário

0.17 MILES

The best-preserved colonial church, Igreja de NS do Rosário, sits picturesquely atop the steps at Rua Trajano.

4. Mercado Público

0.19 MILES

Floripa's historic public market bolted out of a huge refurbishment in 2015 with an improved look. It houses numerous bars and restaurants in addition to…

5. Mirante da Lagoa da Conceição

4.22 MILES

The postcard view of Lagoa da Conceição awaits at this must-stop lookout, which frames both sides of the lagoon, the dunes of Joaquina and beyond.

6. Praia do Campeche

6.45 MILES

The 3.5km Praia do Campeche is one of Floripa's five-star beaches, an absolute stunner of sun-kissed perfection with wind conditions lending themselves to…

7. Praia da Joaquina

6.52 MILES

Joaquina Beach, backed by massive dunes, has 3km of sun-toasted sand and several restaurants serving food on the beach. On the beach's northeast end is a…

8. Praia Mole

7.21 MILES

This is one of the East Island's best and most secluded beaches. It's hidden from SC-406 and accessed by a small trail. The northern end is very popular…