Praia de Leblon

Ipanema & Leblon

Separated from Ipanema by the gardens and canal of Jardim de Alah, Leblon Beach attracts families and has a slightly more sedate vibe than its eastern counterpart. Parents with little ones may want to check out Baixo Bebê, between postos 11 and 12, where you'll find a small playground on the sand as well as other young families.

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3. Mirante do Leblon

0.44 MILES

A few fishers casting out to sea mingle with couples admiring the view at this overlook uphill from the western end of Leblon Beach. The luxury Sheraton…

4. Lurixs: Arte Contemporânea

0.45 MILES

One of Rio's top contemporary galleries moved to this Leblon location in 2017, and it continues to stage captivating exhibitions inside a four-story…

5. Ipanema Beach

0.56 MILES

One long stretch of sun-drenched sand, Ipanema Beach is demarcated by postos (posts), which mark off subcultures as diverse as the city itself. Posto 9,…

7. Museu Amsterdam Sauer


On the most upscale street in Ipanema, the Amsterdam Sauer Museum houses an impressive collection of precious stones: more than 3000 items in all…

8. H Stern

0.81 MILES

The famous jeweler H Stern allows visitors to get a glimpse behind the scenes at these gemological headquarters. A 12-minute audio tour shows the process…