Rua XV Novembro

Santa Catarina

Rua XV Novembro is home to the city’s best examples of Germanic architecture, including the Castelinho da XV, a replica of the city hall of Michelstadt, Germany, and now a Havan department store.

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1. Castelinho da XV

0.01 MILES

The Castelinho da XV, now a Havan department store, is a replica of the city hall of Michelstadt, Germany.

2. Catedral São Paulo Apóstolo

0.07 MILES

Awash in red granite and stained glass, Blumenau's main cathedral is massive and not much of a looker, save its cedar entryway carvings and 45m tri-bell…

3. Museu da Cerveja

0.52 MILES

The small Museu da Cerveja is dedicated to the city's long history of beer brewing.

4. Mausoléu

0.52 MILES

The Mausoléu Dr Blumenau is the final resting place of Dr Blumenau himself, founder of the city.

5. Museu de Família Colonial

0.59 MILES

Learn about Blumenau’s beginnings in this group of houses that were occupied by the city’s founder, Herman Bruno Otto Blumenau, in the 1850s. His daughter…

6. Igreja Luterana do Espírito Santo

0.78 MILES

Lutheran churches loom over town; the most beautiful is Igreja do Espírito Santo, a gem inaugurated in 1877 that still stands east of the center.

7. Parque Vila Germânica

1.19 MILES

Blumenau’s festivals are held at Parque Vila Germânica, part convention hall, part kitschy Alpine village. There are several good bar/restaurants (Bier…

8. Museo Pomerano

14.12 MILES

The Museo Pomerano explores the town’s history through household objects, furniture, wooden sculpture, agricultural tools and an impressive collection of…