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Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Botswana attractions

1. Museum

1.07 MILES

There is a small, dusty museum at Main (Rhino) Camp with a handful of ethnographic exhibits and wall-sized quotes about the rock art.

3. Rhino & Giraffe Painting

1.44 MILES

On the southeast corner of Female Hill, around the corner and to the west of the whale and penguin painting, the rhino and giraffe painting portrays a…

4. Tree of True Knowledge

1.62 MILES

This odd-looking tree, near a small pool at the start of the Rhino Trail on Female Hill, was described to Laurens van der Post as the Tree of True…

5. Rhinos & Buffalo Forgery

1.69 MILES

In the prominent hollow in the southeastern side of Female Hill, along the Rhino Trail, is a rhino painting, which also includes a ‘forgery’ of a buffalo…

6. Whale & Penguin Painting

1.74 MILES

On the southeast corner of Female Hill, and accessible along the Rhino Trail, look for the amazing whale and penguin paintings that suggest an intriguing…

7. Dancing Penises

1.91 MILES

Directly across from the hollow on the southeastern side of Female Hill, one of the few Tsodilo paintings containing human figures depicts a dancing crowd…

8. Divuyu Village Remains

1.94 MILES

An adjunct to the Rhino Trail is a short but hazardously rocky climb along what is sometimes called the Divuyu Trail, leading to the scattered remains of…