Must-see attractions in Chobe National Park

  • Leopard Rock

    Chobe National Park

    The rocky monoliths that rise up from the Savuti sand provide more than welcome aesthetic relief amid the flat-as-flat plains. The outcrops’ caves, rocky…

  • Zebra Equus burchelli and Impala Aepyceros melampus in tall grass in Savuti Marsh during rainy season, Chobe National Park, Botswana

    Savuti Marshes

    Chobe National Park

    For decades since the early 1980s, this vast open area in southern Savuti consisted less of marshes than sweeping open plains, save for occasional…

  • Gobabis Hill

    Chobe National Park

    In the heart of Savuti, Gobabis Hill is home to several sets of 4000-year-old rock art of San origin. The best are the depictions of livestock halfway to…

  • Caracal Biodiversity Centre


    Signposted as Biodiversity Centre, about halfway between the main highway and the Chobe Safari Lodge, this research and education centre rescues small…

  • Kasane Forest Reserve


    This small but relatively dense patch of forest straddles the Kazangula–Nata Rd.

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