Zoológico Municipal Fauna Sudamericana

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz zoo has a collection of native birds, mammals and reptiles kept in pleasingly humane conditions, although the llamas are a bit overdressed for the climate. Keep your eyes open for free-ranging sloths and squirrel monkeys in the trees. It's popular with local families and there can be long queues at weekends and during school holidays.

Take micro (minibus) 55 from Vallegrande, 76 from Santa Bárbara or anything marked ‘Zoológico.’ Taxis for up to four people cost around B$20 from the center.

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1. Museo Guaraní

0.15 MILES

A small but interesting and professionally presented exhibition of Guaraní culture, located close to the zoo. The curator is happy to explain the…

2. Parque El Arenal

1.32 MILES

Locals relax around the lagoon at Parque El Arenal, but it's best not to dawdle in the area at night. On an island in the lagoon, a bas-relief mural by…

3. Museo de Historia Regional

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In the former home of the Gutiérrez Jiménez family, completed in 1920, this museum has four rooms with displays covering regional history. The first is…

4. Casa Melchor Pinto


This cultural center is in the impeccably restored family home of Dr Melchor Pinto Parada, a wealthy and influential cruceño who died in 1982. There are…

5. Bell Tower

1.71 MILES

There are good city views of Santa Cruz from the bell tower of the Basilica Menor de San Lorenzo.

6. Basílica Menor de San Lorenzo

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Although the original cathedral on Plaza 24 de Septiembre was founded in 1605, the present structure dates from 1845 and wasn’t consecrated until 1915…

7. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

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In an appealing 1920s building with a breezy central patio, this small gallery displaying temporary exhibitions is worth a look for its thought-provoking…

8. Museo de Arte Sagrado

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Inside the cathedral, the Museum of Sacred Art displays a collection of religious icons, vestments and medallions. Most interesting are the gold and…