Must see attractions in Santa Cruz

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    Jardín Botánico

    Santa Cruz's lush botanical gardens, 12km east of the city center, make for a tranquil escape from the urban scene. Covering more than 200 hectares, the…

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    Basílica Menor de San Lorenzo

    Although the original cathedral on Plaza 24 de Septiembre was founded in 1605, the present structure dates from 1845 and wasn’t consecrated until 1915…

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    Bell Tower

    There are good city views of Santa Cruz from the bell tower of the Basilica Menor de San Lorenzo.

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    Lomas de Arena

    This protected area, 12km south of Santa Cruz, is a strange and striking sandy desert that seems out of place in Santa Cruz's humid environs. It's a good…

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    Zoológico Municipal Fauna Sudamericana

    Santa Cruz zoo has a collection of native birds, mammals and reptiles kept in pleasingly humane conditions, although the llamas are a bit overdressed for…

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    Casa Melchor Pinto

    This cultural center is in the impeccably restored family home of Dr Melchor Pinto Parada, a wealthy and influential cruceño who died in 1982. There are…

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    Museo de Historia Regional

    In the former home of the Gutiérrez Jiménez family, completed in 1920, this museum has four rooms with displays covering regional history. The first is…

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    Museo de Arte Sagrado

    Inside the cathedral, the Museum of Sacred Art displays a collection of religious icons, vestments and medallions. Most interesting are the gold and…

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    Museo Guaraní

    A small but interesting and professionally presented exhibition of Guaraní culture, located close to the zoo. The curator is happy to explain the…

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    Parque El Arenal

    Locals relax around the lagoon at Parque El Arenal, but it's best not to dawdle in the area at night. On an island in the lagoon, a bas-relief mural by…

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    Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

    In an appealing 1920s building with a breezy central patio, this small gallery displaying temporary exhibitions is worth a look for its thought-provoking…

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    Iglesia San Roque

    Named after the Jesuit San Roque González, this rather plain church is most notable for its single bell tower. The church is open for 15 minutes before…