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Eastern Bhutan

Intrepid travelers venturing to the wild and rugged east of Bhutan will be rewarded with fascinating villages and towns little influenced by tourism, group-free dzongs and temples, beautiful silks and amazing embroidery. Most of the population lives in tiny settlements secreted high above roads or in isolated valleys. The remote east is home to minority ethnic groups, some comprising fewer than 1000 people, and is unrivalled in traditional arts and crafts.

Many travelers to the east are lured by the magnificent bird-filled forests – wilderness havens for rare and unique wildlife. While birdwatching is extremely popular here, the east is opening up to other forms of tourism with new hotels and trekking routes being developed. The east of Bhutan sees fewer tourists than the western regions and remains a frontier for travel in Bhutan – reason enough to go!

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Eastern Bhutan.