Grand Marché


Manic, chaotic, full of questionable smells, this is your typical fresh produce plus anything market. Excellent for picking up picnic supplies.

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Nearby Benin attractions

1. Centre Songhai

0.47 MILES

The Centre Songhai is a major research, teaching and production centre in sustainable farming. There are one-hour guided tours to visit the plantations…

2. Musée Honmé


This museum is housed in the walled palace of King Toffa, who signed the first treaty with the French in 1863. It focuses on the alounloun musical…

3. Musée da Silva


This wonderfully eclectic museum full of Afro-Brazilian artefacts is housed in a beautiful 1870 Afro-Brazilian house.

4. Musée Ethnographique de Porto Novo

0.78 MILES

Housed in a pretty colonial building, this museum is well worth a gander. The top floor is organised thematically around birth, life and death, with…

5. Musée d'Adjara

4.48 MILES

This cultural museum offers a handful of local artefacts and a good display of African masks.

6. Grand Marché de Dantokpa

15.05 MILES

The seemingly endless Grand Marché du Dantokpa is Cotonou's throbbing heart, bordered by the lagoon and Blvd St Michel. Everything under the sun can be…

7. Fetish Market

15.12 MILES

This market sells anything associated with Vodou, including varieties of tree barks and dried plants (both used in traditional medicine) and stalwarts…

8. Cathedral de Notre Dame

15.25 MILES

With its vibrant red and white stripes, this Catholic cathedral is not just a place of worship but also home to a small bookshop selling titles by…