Menin Gate

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A block east of Grote Markt, the famous Menin Gate is a huge stone gateway straddling the main road at the city moat. It's inscribed with the names of 54,896 lost WWI British and Commonwealth troops whose bodies were never found.

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1. The Last Post

Every night at 8pm, traffic through the Menin Gate is halted while buglers sound the Last Post in remembrance of the WWI dead, a moving tradition started…

2. Gateway to Ypres

0.05 MILES

This excellent visitors centre should be your first port of call if you're a Commonwealth citizen looking for information about a family member who died…

3. Lakenhalle

0.25 MILES

Dominating the Grote Markt, the enormous reconstructed Lakenhalle is one of Belgium’s most impressive buildings. Its 70m-high belfry has the vague…

4. In Flanders Fields Museum

0.26 MILES

No museum gives a more balanced yet moving and user-friendly introduction to WWI history. It’s a multisensory experience combining soundscapes, videos,…

5. St-Maarten en St-Niklasskerk

0.26 MILES

Directly behind the Lakenhalle, this vast church was a cathedral until 1797 and was almost totally destroyed in WWI. Reconstruction has beautifully…

6. Museum Godshuis Belle

0.26 MILES

A single small chapel room featuring some unexpectedly high-quality medieval art, mostly religious.

7. Merghelynck Museum

0.27 MILES

Unrelated to WWI, this museum faithfully reproduces a French manor house dating from 1774 and is filled with period antiques and artworks. The catch: it's…

8. Ramparts

0.27 MILES

Ypres is unusual in that it has retained extensive sections of its city fortifications. Designed by French military engineer Sébastien Le Prestre de…