This picturesque passage dates to 1591 and was originally a street of shoemakers.

The name translates as 'Pie Alley', which feels a little harsh on the three rather special restaurants that are hidden away here.

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1. Brabo Fountain

0.07 MILES

Piled with symbols in a refreshing fountain spray, this baroque sculpture's uppermost figure depicts Brabo, hero of Antwerp’s giant-killing, hand-throwing…

2. Stadhuis

0.07 MILES

Presiding over the vast Grote Markt, the 1565 stadhuis has a palatial facade blending Flemish and Italian styles in an innovative departure from the…

3. Grote Markt

0.08 MILES

As is the case with every great Flemish city, Antwerp’s medieval heart is a classic Grote Markt (market square). Here the triangular, pedestrianised space…

4. Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal

0.08 MILES

Belgium’s finest Gothic cathedral was 169 years in the making (1352–1521). Wherever you wander in Antwerp, its gracious, 123m-high spire has a habit of…

5. Rubens Statue

0.12 MILES

Presiding over Groenplaats, with Antwerp's cathedral rising splendidly behind it, this 1840s bronze Rubens statue was sculpted by Borgerhout-born…

6. Museum Plantin-Moretus

0.15 MILES

The medieval building and 1622 courtyard garden alone would be worth a visit, but it's the world's oldest printing press, priceless manuscripts and…

7. Scheldt Riverbank

0.17 MILES

A raised southern promenade links Het Steen to St-Jansvliet, a tree-shaded square where a lift descends to the Sint-Annatunnel.

8. Statue of Lange Wapper

0.18 MILES

Outside Het Steen castle is a humorous statue of Lange Wapper, a tall folkloric ‘peeping Tom’ figure showing off his codpiece to two diminutive onlookers.