Sacrifice Mural


This raw and unsettling mural is based on Caravaggio's Sacrifice of Isaac, and shows a child about to have his throat cut. The artist, who has also depicted flayed corpses and genitalia around the city, remains anonymous.

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0.12 MILES

On the banks of the Brussels Canal, the engaged and engaging Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA) showcases contemporary art with a permanent…

2. Cubitus

0.21 MILES

In this mural a tetchy-looking Manneken Pis gazes up at his pediment, from which he has been displaced by a grinning, peeing bear.

4. Anspach Fountain

0.29 MILES

Surmounted by a tall granite tower topped by a bronze statue of St-Micheal, the fountain commemorates a former mayor.

5. Zinneke

0.31 MILES

In the old Bruxellois dialect, zinneke means ‘a person of mixed origins’, which sums up the city’s inhabitants to this day. Hence Flemish sculptor Tom…

6. Église Ste-Catherine

0.36 MILES

Église Ste-Catherine must be one of the only religious buildings that positively encourages folks to urinate on its walls (there’s a ‘pissoir’ on its…

7. Au Lion d'Or

0.39 MILES

The vaulted 1811 brick, neo-Gothic Au Lion d’Or building bridges a branch of the Senne River.

8. Halles St-Géry


In 1881 this superb neo-Renaissance brick-and-wrought-iron meat market was built around a curious pyramidal monument-fountain (itself built to replace a…