Maison des Boulangers


The bakers' guildhall is now the cafe Le Roy d’Espagne. The gilded bronze bust above the door is bakers’ patron St-Aubert.

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1. La Brouette

0.01 MILES

The grease-makers' guildhall has faint gold wheelbarrows above the door. The statue of St-Gilles (the grease-makers' patron) was added in 1912.

2. Le Sac

0.01 MILES

Perhaps as you'd expect, the cabinet-makers' guildhall is incredibly ornate. It takes its name from the sign above the door.

3. La Louve

0.01 MILES

The archers' guildhall features a golden phoenix rising from the ashes, which signifies the rebirth of the Grand Place after its bombardment by the French…

4. Le Cornet

0.02 MILES

The boatmen's guildhall, fittingly, has a stern-shaped gable. Its name refers to the horn on its facade.

5. Le Renard

0.02 MILES

The haberdashers' guildhall has a statue of a fox above the door.

6. Maison du Roi

0.03 MILES

This fanciful feast of neo-Gothic arches, verdigris statues and mini-spires is bigger, darker and nearly 200 years younger than the surrounding guildhalls…

7. Brussels City Museum

0.03 MILES

Old maps, architectural relics and paintings give a historical overview of the city. Don’t miss Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s 1567 Cortège de Noces (Wedding…

8. Grand Place

0.04 MILES

Brussels’ magnificent Grand Place is one of the world’s most unforgettable urban ensembles. Oddly hidden, the enclosed cobblestone square is only revealed…