It’s well off the usual tourist track, but this converted brewery building located toward Bruxelles-Midi houses the capital’s center for contemporary art exhibitions. In the downstairs café, the old tiled walls and vast copper vats have been retained, and there's also a bookshop.

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1. C L E A R I N G

0.13 MILES

This contemporary gallery located in a former industrial zone near Wiels focuses on the work of young contemporary artists, hosting changing exhibitions.

5. St-Gilles Town Hall

0.88 MILES

One of Brussels’ overlooked architectural wonders, this splendid Napoleon III–style palace sports a soaring brick belfry dotted with gilt statuary. Try to…

6. St-Gilles Prison

0.97 MILES

The crenellated white-stone facade of this prison imitates a Crusades-era fortress.

7. Porte de Hal

1.02 MILES

For centuries Brussels was surrounded by a grand 8km fortress wall. It was partly demolished in the 1790s, then removed altogether on Napoleon’s orders in…

8. Church of St-Pierre & St-Guidon

1.07 MILES

The church has some original murals and was once a major pilgrimage site: right up until WWI, cart drivers and those suffering fits would arrive here to…