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Friendly Sylhet is a divisional capital with a pronounced small-town feel, its congested streets and bustling roadside markets chipping in with requisite measures of sights, sounds and smells. The town, however, also gives off a strong underlying sense of economic prosperity. The majority of British Bangladeshis hail from here, and those with stronger ties to the homeland continue to visit their families regularly and pour money back into the local economy. This has helped create a city that is more modern than other comparable urban centres in Bangladesh. For tourists, it also means the availability of better hotels and restaurants, easier access to creature comforts and a disproportionately large local population that speaks good English.

Sylhet, of course, is best known for its tea. This is where the country’s commercial tea production first began, and a few of the region's 130-odd tea estates are walking distance from the city centre.

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