Ruined Church


The overgrown ruins of this once grand, barrel-towered church sit between Old Town Square and the fortress.

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Nearby Azerbaijan attractions

1. Old Town Square

0.03 MILES

Zaqatala's Old Town is centred on a pretty garden-square, above which rise two 30m tall çınar (plane trees) planted in the 1780s. To the south, there are…

2. Fortress

0.07 MILES

Zaqatala’s Russian fortress is a sprawling affair whose grey stone walls are sturdy but not really imposing. Built between 1830 and 1860, it originally…

3. Historical Museum

0.22 MILES

This small museum is worth a five-minute glimpse to peruse faded photos of the area's attractions amid old pots, jewellery, jeweled horse equipment,…

4. Dance Mural

0.23 MILES

This colourful mosaic showing a couple dancing the mazurka adds an attractive aspect to the north end of Nәrimanov küç.

5. Mosque

0.66 MILES

Zaqatala's biggest new mosque has a distinctively Turkish design.

6. Car Village

3.11 MILES

Car is a chocolate-box village half-hidden in blossoms and greenery. Picturesque houses are tucked away behind mossy dry-stone walls in abundant orchards…

7. Balakən Mosque

14.14 MILES

This 200-year-old mosque is easily spotted thanks to its tapering octagonal minaret, freestanding with red-brick patterned facets. The mosque itself is a…

8. History Museum

20.26 MILES

This engrossing little museum is wonderfully old-fashioned and has very little in English, but photos show regional historical places, there's a mockup of…