Murray Sunset National Park


The stunning 6330 sq km of mallee woodland in this stunning national park reaches from the river red gums of Lindsay Island down to Underbool. Note: most of the park is remote 4WD-only territory. You'll need to take all supplies with you; don’t venture out without a hat and water bottle. The Pink Lakes, near Underbool, get their colour from the millions of microscopic organisms in the lake, which concentrate an orange pigment in their bodies.

Be sure to watch the birdlife and the magic of the night sky as it turns pink at dusk.

There's no designated camping in the park, and be aware of where you pitch your tent as Park Victoria warns of falling river red gum limbs along the river.

Ensure you let friends (or the rangers of Parks Victoria in Underbool or Werrimull) know your whereabouts.

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