The top deck of a multistorey navy carpark doesn't sound like a great place to hang out, but this beautiful park is a hidden gem, offering a secluded space with lots of greenery and brilliant views of the city as well as docked warships at the Garden Island base.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Kings Cross & Potts Point attractions

1. McElhone Stairs

0.04 MILES

These stone stairs were built in 1870 to connect spiffy Potts Point with the Woolloomooloo slums below. The steep steps run past an apartment block:…

2. Woolloomooloo Wharf

0.15 MILES

A former wool and cargo dock, this beautiful Edwardian wharf faced oblivion for decades before a 2½-year demolition-workers’ green ban on the site in the…

3. Artspace

0.17 MILES

Artspace is spacey: its eternal quest is to fill the void with vigorous, engaging Australian and international contemporary art. Things here are decidedly…

4. Elizabeth Bay House

0.21 MILES

Now dwarfed by 20th-century apartments, Colonial Secretary Alexander Macleay's elegant Greek Revival mansion was one of the finest houses in the colony…

5. The Cross Arts Projects

0.27 MILES

This little commercial gallery stages interesting curated shows, including lots of Aboriginal art.

6. Fitzroy Gardens

0.32 MILES

It’s testimony to the ‘cleaning up’ of the Cross that this once-dodgy park is now a reasonably safe place to hang out (probably helped by the austere…

7. Art Gallery of NSW

0.35 MILES

With its neoclassical Greek frontage and modern rear, this much-loved institution plays a prominent and gregarious role in Sydney society. Blockbuster…

8. Speakers’ Corner

0.37 MILES

Recline on a patch of lawn in front of the Art Gallery of NSW and listen to religious zealots, oddballs, political extremists, homophobes, hippies and…