As seen in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, this wildly eccentric underground abode was once home to Arvid Blumenthal, a Latvian-born runaway who hunted crocs in Queensland for many years then moved to Coober Pedy. Covered in graffiti and spangled with sculptures, artworks, posters, hats, carvings and relics of his love life, Harry's house is bizarre, amusing, amazing and pornographic in equal doses. It's about 6km northwest of town, beyond the golf club (not the Thunderdome).

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1. Umoona Opal Mine & Museum


For a terrific introduction to Coober Pedy – including history, fossils, desert habitats, Aboriginal culture, ecology and mining – take a wander through…

2. Spaceship

3.73 MILES

Check out this amazing leftover prop from the film Pitch Black, which has crash-landed on Hutchison St (a minor Millennium Falcon?). Intricate, creative,…

3. Tom's Working Opal Mine

3.75 MILES

The best place to check out a working excavation is Tom's, 2km southwest of town: miners continue their search for the big vein; visitors noodle for small…

4. Catacomb Anglican Church

3.76 MILES

A simple, compact bunker with rows of chairs and remote sermons beamed onto a big screen. Pull up a pew and contemplate your misdoings.

5. Big Miner


Perpetuating small-town Australia's established tradition of building 'big' objects to attract the tourists (banana, crayfish, pineapple etc), Coober Pedy…

7. Big Winch

3.87 MILES

You can't miss the Big Winch with its big dangling bucket, from which there are sweeping views over the Coober Pedy rooftops. A planned 'world-class…

8. Old Timers Mine

3.92 MILES

This interesting warren of tunnels was mined in 1916, and then hidden by the miners. The mine was rediscovered in 1968 when excavations for a dugout home…