Catacomb Anglican Church

Outback South Australia

A simple, compact bunker with rows of chairs and remote sermons beamed onto a big screen. Pull up a pew and contemplate your misdoings.

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1. Old Timers Mine

0.45 MILES

This interesting warren of tunnels was mined in 1916, and then hidden by the miners. The mine was rediscovered in 1968 when excavations for a dugout home…

2. Big Winch

0.49 MILES

You can't miss the Big Winch with its big dangling bucket, from which there are sweeping views over the Coober Pedy rooftops. A planned 'world-class…

3. Umoona Opal Mine & Museum

0.57 MILES

For a terrific introduction to Coober Pedy – including history, fossils, desert habitats, Aboriginal culture, ecology and mining – take a wander through…

4. Spaceship

0.59 MILES

Check out this amazing leftover prop from the film Pitch Black, which has crash-landed on Hutchison St (a minor Millennium Falcon?). Intricate, creative,…

5. Faye's Underground Home

0.68 MILES

Faye’s was hand dug by three women in the 1960s – an exercise in persistence, to say the least. It's now a time-warp museum and a window into life in…

7. Coober Pedy's First Cemetery

0.89 MILES

Next to Coober Pedy's improbably quaint Greek Orthodox Church, with its wrought-iron bell tower, this dusty plot began when James Conly became the town's…

8. Big Miner

1.06 MILES

Perpetuating small-town Australia's established tradition of building 'big' objects to attract the tourists (banana, crayfish, pineapple etc), Coober Pedy…