Immortalised by the Beach Boys in 'Surfin’ USA', long, spectacular Narrabeen is hard-core surf turf – get some experience before hitting the breaks. Not the best for swimming, but there is a pool. At the far northern end of the beach, there's good paddling for young children on the lagoon side of the strand. Back from the centre of the beach, you can check out the lagoon trail.

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1. Collaroy

1.34 MILES

Collaroy generally has smaller waves, making it good for surfers learning their trade. There are cafes, a…

2. Dee Why

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A no-fuss curve of family beach fronted by chunky apartments, some good cafes and ubiquitous surf shops. Grommets (young surfers) hit the waves and mums…

3. Curl Curl

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4. Newport

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This well-known Sydney surf beach is a kilometre-long strip of east-facing sand with reliable waves and a backing of Norfolk pine trees.

5. Bilgola

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With its huge saltwater pool and tucked-away location between the better-known Newport and Avalon beaches, little Bilgola feels like a bit of a secret gem…

6. Freshwater

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This discreet, southeast-facing sandy bay just north of Manly has a cool ocean pool and plenty of teenagers. Good for learner surfers.

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8. Manly Beach

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Sydney's second most famous beach is a magnificent strand that stretches for nearly two golden kilometres, lined by Norfolk Island pines and midrise…