Glasshouse Regional Gallery

Mid-North Coast

This dynamic multilevel space provides an interesting overview of local creativity, and hosts regular touring exhibitions from Australia's top museums and galleries. Exhibitions change approximately every four to six weeks.

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Nearby Mid-North Coast attractions

1. Port Macquarie Historical Museum

0.04 MILES

An 1830s house has been transformed into this surprisingly interesting and detailed museum. Aboriginal and convict history are given due regard before…

2. Courthouse

0.05 MILES

One of Port’s loveliest colonial buildings, the historic courthouse was used from its opening in 1869 right up until 1986. Inside there are historical…

3. St Thomas' Anglican Church

0.16 MILES

This 1824 convict-built church is one of Australia’s oldest functioning churches. It retains its original box pews and crenulated tower, which apes the…

4. Pilot’s Boatshed


Located at the town wharf, this tiny extension of the Maritime Museum has an historic slipway once used to launch the pilots' boats. Also sells souvenirs…

5. Breakwater

0.33 MILES

Port's breakwater has been transformed into a work of community guerrilla art. The elaborately painted rocks range from beautiful memorials to ‘party hard…

6. Port Macquarie Historic Cemetery

0.38 MILES

The Port Macquarie Historic Cemetery, bizarrely built above what was the early settlement's main water supply, is in the Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park.

7. Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park

0.42 MILES

Encompassing 50 hectares of bush and wetland, this park is home to over 160 bird species. A series of walking trails and wheelchair-accessible boardwalks…

8. Observatory

0.51 MILES

Sneak a peek through the telescope at the astronomical observatory on one of its public viewing and presentation nights.