Myall Lakes National Park

Mid-North Coast

Incorporates a patchwork of lakes, islands, dense littoral rainforest and beaches.

Further south, the lakes support an incredible quantity and variety of bird life, including bowerbirds, white-bellied sea eagles and tawny frogmouths. The coastal rainforest is cut through with fire trails and beach tracks that lead to the beach dunes at Mungo Brush, perfect territory for spotting wildflowers and surprising dingoes.

Near the lighthouse is a lookout over the actual Seal Rocks – islets where Australian fur seals can sometimes be spotted. Humpback whales swim past during their annual migration.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Booti Booti National Park

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This beautiful long and secluded stretch of beach is perfect for romantic walks and dolphin spotting.

6. Jimmy's Beach

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7. Nelson Head Lighthouse Cottage

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