Flinders Street Station

Historic Building in City Centre

Turning 100 years old in 2010, Melbourne's first railway station is also its most iconic building. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Melburnian who hasn’t uttered the phrase, ‘meet me under the clocks’ – the popular rendezvous spot at the front entrance. Stretching along the Yarra, the neoclassical building crowned with a striking octagonal dome contains an abandon ballroom, closed to the public.

The grand old dame’s underground tendrils connect the city’s north and south with underpasses (such as Campbell Arcade) linked to Southbank via a pedestrian bridge.

Feel like you've seen a ghost? You might have. Sightings of 'George' the fisherman have been reported on platform 10, which was a popular fishing spot before the station was built. George is usually staring at the Yarra, which is why some believe it's the spirit of George Mansfield, later identified as Ernest Leahy, who was pulled from the river in 1902 after a boating accident.