The wonderful thing about hitting the road is the sense of freedom, independence, and limitless possibilities that can come with travel. But travel safety is an important consideration, especially if you’re traveling solo. We've put together a list of the top safety gear for travelers, making sure to include items that are legal in most countries (unlike defense tools like tasers and pepper spray which are often banned) and useful for a variety of destinations and travel styles – even if you’re packing light.

These pieces of gear will leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs, and help you keep track of valuables from your passport to your credit card number.

A man is on a mountain hike, surrounded by scrub bushes; he is carrying a dog and wearing a backpack with a red first aid kit clipped onto it.
A first aid kit is an essential piece of luggage for any trip © Surviveware

Surviveware first aid kit

Throw Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit in your suitcase every trip. It’s packed with 100 items, but still weights only 1lb. It won’t take up much volume in your suitcase, either, measuring just 5.5in x 7.5in x 3.5in. Inside, you’ll find scissors that can cut through seatbelts, CPR tools, an emergency blanket, medical gloves, splinter probes, bandages, antiseptic and alcohol wipes, and more. Surviveware has organized and labeled everything in this toolkit so you’ll be able to retrieve what you need quickly during an emergency. 

Thuraya SatSleeve 

The SatSleeve, created by Thuraya, is a phone case for Androids and iPhones that allows travelers to use satellite connectivity to text, call, use apps, or email. Thuraya’s satellite network covers 161 countries, ensuring travelers are connected at all times to family, friends, the internet, and emergency services across over two-thirds of the globe. With SatSleeve’s Emergency Call button, female travelers can rely on access to assistance at all times. 

Travelon anti-theft backpack

Protect your belongings by purchasing the 43195 Anti-Theft Tailored Backpack. As a backpack, you can keep your hands free, without worrying you’ll be pickpocketed, since it’s designed with a top zipper that both locks and is covered by a flap. Add in slash-resistant straps, a main compartment with RFID-equipped slots for your passport and cards, plus enough space to fit a tablet, and this Travelon bag is the safest, most practical bag for leisure travel. 

A person is inserting the SABRE door stop alarm under a door in a room.
A doorstop alarm provides an extra layer of security © SABRE

SABRE door stop alarm

With SABRE’s door stop alarm, travelers won’t have to worry about attackers or burglars bypassing the locks on hotel rooms or rental apartments. This portable security device is wedged under the bottom of the door and when pressure is applied against it, such as someone pushing the door forward, a loud 120 dB alarm will alert the traveler of an intruder. The alarm can be heard up to 1000ft away, which will not only wake you up from a deep sleep, but could also prompt neighbors to call the authorities. 

XPlore Paracord bracelet 

With a long-range whistle, compass, and built-in flint fire starter, the XPlore Paracord bracelet is great for outdoor survival. However, the braided paracord, (a lightweight, strong type of nylon rope) might be the most effective item on the bracelet. Paracords can be used as fishing lines or in traps, or as a tourniquet or sling in emergencies. And while kidnappings are exceptionally rare, it’s good to know that the paracord can break through zip ties with enough friction. 

Garmin watches

Garmin’s wearable technology has top-of-the-line safety features for travelers visiting remote or dangerous places. The fenix 6S watch is their most impressive thanks to an incident detection feature that shares a wearer’s real-time location with emergency contacts, as well as providing topographical maps, trip routing, GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo navigation. All of that is powered by a battery mode that allows for GPS use over multiple weeks. 

The only real downside is the price – but if the fenix 6S is too expensive for your budget, check out the Instinct watch, which has a Live Tracking feature that’s shareable with loved ones.

Even in areas where the service is poor, users can pair their watches with the Garmin inReach Mini device to text anywhere in the world, send an SOS to 24/7 rescue teams, and read global maps and weather forecasts. 

A woman in a pink blouse is looking down into her black handbag; she is wearing a gold invisaWear necklace.
Clever jewelry by invisaWear looks stylish but also has an important safety feature © invisaWear


Travelers may want to consider invisaWear, an emergency call button disguised as a charm on a piece of jewelry. During an emergency, the wearer presses the charm button twice to send immediate texts via a Bluetooth-connected smartphone to five friends or family members with their GPS location and a request for help. It also has a free feature that can connect emergency contacts with 911 dispatchers near the invisaWearer’s location. With no monthly fees or subscriptions, invisaWear is a cost-effective safety tool, though is currently not available outside the United States. 


Female travelers are mindful of the possibility that their drink could be spiked, and SipChip can help give peace of mind. This coin-sized chip fits in the tiniest of pockets and can detect the safety of a drink in 30 seconds with one drop of liquid. SipChip has a 99.3% accuracy rating and has been tested on over 100 drinks. However, it can only be used once, so you’ll need to buy SipChips in batches of three, five, or 10 to guarantee you have enough for an entire vacation. 

A person is holding up a SABRE personal alarm; it's black and affixed to a keyring, which also has a key on it.
A personal alarm could help you feel more at ease in unfamiliar surroundings © SABRE

SABRE personal alarm

The best personal alarm for travelers is by far the SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detector, Magnet, and Key Ring. Like other personal alarms, this SABRE alarm will make a warning sound that can be heard 600ft away when the user pulls a pin from the device. However, it has an additional motion detection feature that will sound an alarm if the device detects motion up to 15ft away and within a 120-degree radius. 

PacSafe clothes

PacSafe offers an array of travel-safe clothing, but the Women’s Travel Hoodie is a good pick in that it has strategically-placed interior and exterior pockets that are RFID safe and make it nearly impossible for criminals to pickpocket your passport, wallet, or cellphone. If all that wasn’t enough, the travel hoodie is made from antibacterial Polygiene odor-control fabric which allows you to wear it more and wash it less.   

Divine Eagle spy camera

Keeping an eye on yourself and your belongings 24/7 may seem like an impossible feat, but the Divine Eagle spy camera could do the trick. Hidden in a functional USB charger, this spy camera records Full HD video at a 90-degree angle on micro SD cards of up to 32GB. Plug it into the wall and the camera begins recording when it detects the slightest movement. This is a great tool to use if you want to monitor your hotel room when out and about during the day or sleeping at night. 

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