Family is one of the cornerstones of Qatari society and culture, and adventures for all ages are abundant in Qatar. You don’t have to search too far to find activities everyone can appreciate – there are fun options in the main city of Doha, and exciting adventures in the unique surrounding landscapes sure to keep all family members happy.

Here are six of our favorite activities in Qatar that will appeal to your whole group:

Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park has water slides and pools perfect for both thrill seekers and those wishing to relax © Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

Few places boast the wide array of adventures Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park has to offer. If you’re an aquatic aficionado, you’re covered – with water slides and pools perfect for both thrill seekers and those wishing to relax. Some pools are designed specifically for smaller children, while others cater to teenagers, making it ideal for all ages.

If you’re looking for more land-based activities, the park also offers laser tag, canyoning and go-karting. It’s a perfect addition to the itinerary for anyone wishing to enjoy a day of family-friendly adventures in Qatar.

There’s an eye-catching new experience around every corner at Quest © Courtesy of Qatar Tourism


Are you ready for a total sensory experience? There’s no place more exciting ­– or more colorful ­– than Quest. Located in Msheireb, in Doha, this over-the-top theme park venue features more than 30 rides and attractions for everyone.

Soar through the park on one of the many exciting roller coasters, including the EpiQ Coaster, the world’s tallest indoor roller coaster. When you’re back on the ground, strap in for an immersive 3D experience, team up with (or square off against) your family members in a game of laser tag, and even challenge mom and dad to an old-school carnival game.

With three separate sections celebrating Qatar’s past, present and future, there’s an eye-catching new experience around every corner.

The Qatari desert provides a magical backdrop to an enchanting family vacation © Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

Desert Day Trip

There’s no shortage of family-friendly desert activities when you visit a country built on, around and within the dunes. Choose from camel rides, quad biking, paragliding and many more adventures for every family member.

Start your day off with an exhilarating 4WD drive through the desert and finish it with a fiery sunset atop a desert dune, creating priceless memories for everyone. For an amazing stop, visit the Inland Sea; there’s not many places in the world with waves lapping at the desert sand but Qatar is one of them. Kids will love running up and down the dunes or splashing in the sea, before settling in for an overnight stay, whether camping or glamping, for a night under the stars.

The Qatari desert provides a magical backdrop to an enchanting family vacation, offering kids and adults alike the freedom to fully enjoy the desert landscape with a variety of exciting activities.

From sea to dune, adventure abounds in Qatar

The Museum of Illusion is a visual, sensory and educational outing for the whole family© Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

Museum of Illusions

Marketed as a “smart playroom and a fitness center for the brain,” a visit to the Museum of Illusions is perfect for days when the family needs something creative to do indoors. With interactive illusions, displays, and rooms with different optical and photo mindbenders, this is a visual, sensory and educational outing for the whole family.

The illusions are based on mathematics, biology, and psychology. Don’t miss the circular, mirror-walled Infinity Room which creates dozens of reflections, or the Anti-Gravity Room where kids can run, jump, tumble and fall safely.

The Planetarium at Katara Cultural Village tells the stories of space travel and the traditional legend of the splitting of the moon © Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

Katara Cultural Village

With a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages, you can’t come to Doha and not check out Katara Cultural Village. You can easily spend a whole day here and not see everything.

Adults will love the art galleries, the shopping, and the immersion into Qatar’s rich history – not to mention the 5,000-seat amphitheater and the many cultural events that happen throughout the year. Older kids will love the planetarium and the oversize art installations around the complex. And for the little ones, there’s an amazing playground just waiting to be explored.

At the end of a busy day, though, there’s nothing better than grabbing an ice cream cone and looking out across the transfixing views of the water. Now that’s something everyone can agree on.

End your day at Gondolania with a relaxing Venice-style gondola ride © Courtesy of Qatar Tourism


Outdoor Ferris wheel? Check. Bumper cars? Check. A leisurely skate around an ice rink? Check. How about a 4D movie, monorail, and free-fall tower? Check, check and check.

That’s just a sample of the things available to keep families enthralled at the full-service entertainment complex of Gondolania. There’s even a soft-play area for your littlest kids, so every family member is entertained.

End your day with a relaxing Venice-style gondola ride through Villaggio Mall, which is sure to appeal to the little ones and give mom and dad some time to themselves.

Why Qatar is unbeatable for luxury travel

Qatar has about 435 miles of pristine coastline, perfect for older family members seeking adventure © Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

Watersports on Katara Beach

Qatar has about 435 miles of pristine coastline, and its beaches are some of the most visited places in the country.

Katara Beach is ideal for a family day out, with activities for everyone. Hire pedal boats, kayaks and life jackets or let younger kids play on the inflatables. Build castles in the sand together. Older family members seeking adventure can try knee boarding, water skiing, wind surfing, banana boat riding or jet skiing. And what could be better than parasailing, floating 600ft into the air and overlooking the glimmering sea and shiny skyscrapers of Doha?

Qatar offers year-round sunshine, fantastic accommodations and plenty of family-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy © Courtesy of Qatar Tourism

New and upcoming experiences

The 3-2-1 Museum of Sport – which opened March 31, 2022 – is designed to demonstrate that ‘sport and Qatar are intrinsically linked,’ while Dadu, the Children’s Museum of Qatar – coming soon but not yet open – will offer interactive exhibits and space for developmental learning and play. Both new offerings are already engaging the local community to craft world-class experiences for kids and adults alike.

Planning a holiday that pleases everyone from toddlers to teenagers to parents is no easy feat. Thankfully, Qatar offers year-round sunshine, fantastic accommodations, and plenty of family friendly activities for everyone to enjoy.

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