With dreamy beaches and spectacular nature,  Jamaica is a perfect place to relax and unwind.  Add in new hotels popping up and a momentum building to become a republic, now is the time to visit Jamaica. 

We asked skateboarder and organizer Kayla Wheeler to show us her perfect day in her home country.

Your guide to Jamaica

A skateboarder, organizer and model from Jamaica, I take the utmost pride in the development of my country. I was the first female Jamaican skater to receive international acclaim, and have played a key role in the growth of the sport on the island. I currently live in Kingston and am excited to share the beautiful sunsets I get to enjoy every day – along with my country’s rivers, beaches and heavenly cuisine.

Why should people visit Jamaica

Kayla and friend Jamaica
Meet Jamaica's locals to experience the culture © Kayla Wheeler

The overall atmosphere of the island. Our “out of many, one people” culture means acceptance of people of all backgrounds and nationalities. When you visit, you’ll see the dedication of hardworking Jamaicans in their day-to-day lives, as you explore beautiful natural scenery encompassing beaches, rivers, mountains and majestic sunsets. And you’ll never forget the nightlife or the rawness of street dances here. The energy in Jamaica is always exhilarating.

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Three questions with Kayla: 

We asked Kayla three questions to help you plan your visit to Jamaica.

What’s the one place someone should visit if they want a better understanding of Jamaica?

If you’re looking to have a more rural and authentic Jamaican experience, I’d recommend Portland. This parish is known for its historical events and figures, and also has a lot more vegetation and fresh, open air compared to more urban areas. Also, the population is extremely friendly and always welcoming to tourists. 

What’s a signature dish someone should try if they come to visit?

Jamaican breakfast dishes such as ackee and saltfish, stewed chicken or callaloo, both served with your choice of boiled ground provisions, fried dumplings or festivals (sweet dumplings).

If someone wants to buy a souvenir, what would you recommend?

Any local handicraft at a craft market in any of Jamaica’s 14 parishes. These local crafts include jewelry, clothes, figurines, key chains, cups and much more.

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