It's not easy to put your passport on the shelf for the time being while the world attempts to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases with social distancing measures.

Instead of peeping at wildlife in far-flung national parks, we have neighborhood "bear hunts" for kids. Instead of trips to the museum, we have virtual reality tours and clever recreations on Instagram. And instead of spending hours lingering over meals and cocktails at our favorite neighborhood bistros, we've got vast piles of dried beans and comforting carbs purchased in a panicky fugue state at the nearest store.

Fortunately for grounded travelers, we also have lots and lots of memes to see us through this strange season. Now that everyone is home and spending even more time online, many are turning to humor to cope in between binge watching travel movies and episodes of The Tiger King and Love is Blind. And if these coronavirus travel memes are any indication, there's still plenty to chuckle about – and plenty of unconventional ways to see the world.

1. Even in a pandemic, for example, you can still host a private wildlife tour to see the Big Five on safari

2. As well as other varieties of flora and fauna now easily found in urban environments

3. All sorts of species are making a comeback

4. Some critters are taking advantage of the pandemic to experience popular destinations without the crowds

5. While others are encouraging humans to maintain their distance and respect the closure of national parks like Yellowstone

6. Some travelers feel that just because you're stuck at home, doesn't mean you can't have a working beach vacation

7. While others are trying to figure out public transportation in an unfamiliar setting

8. Weeks in, a bad case of wanderlust led to hallucinations for some grounded travelers

9. Others chose to spend this time training for those cross-terminal sprints between tight connections

10. One graphic designer decided to make posters advertising some of the hottest new destinations for travelers

11. Meanwhile, airport codes have now been updated due to the pandemic

12. Some travelers have decided to skip flying in favor of other modes of transportation

13. And outdoor enthusiasts have gotten creative about pursuing their hobbies

14. There is still an abundance of big wall climbing to enjoy, for example

15. And challenging peaks to summit

16. As well as a slew of possibilities for wine tours

17. And even if you aren't in wine country, quarantine is no reason to skip after work happy hour

18. Or weekend brunch long as you stay home, that is, until the threat of spreading COVID-19 has passed. 

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