Prague's vibrant nightlife scene has something for everyone.

The combination of thousands of students and visitors fuels a lively, eclectic mix of bars and music clubs. Do as the locals do and decamp to the neighborhood pub or head off to catch a live show. The jazz and blues scene is especially rich.

Of course, Czechia is famous for its high-quality, good-value beer – and rightly so. Alongside the beer halls and microbreweries, though, Prague is a surprisingly solid destination for a carefully crafted cocktail. Look out for drinks based around local tipples like Becherovka, Fernet and absinthe. Whatever your idea of a good night out, just don’t get stuck in the center; districts such as Vinohrady and Žižkov also know how to party hard.

Looking for a fun, alcohol-free evening? Prague's experimental theater shows and late-night movie screenings shouldn't disappoint. Here are the best places to go in Prague after dark.

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A woman and her friends try freshly brewed authentic Czech beer in a tavern in Prague
From traditional haunts to a medieval brewery, here are the best pubs in Prague © frantic00 / Shutterstock

The best pubs in Prague

U Zlatého Tygra

The best pub in Staré Mĕsto (Old Town)

U Zlatého Tygra (Golden Tiger) is an atmospheric Old Town haunt that's managed to retain a laid-back, living-room feel amid an onslaught of tourists. Find a table among the grizzled, long-term regulars; the staff will keep the Pilsner beers flowing until you tell them to stop.  

Na Slamníku

It's worth the trek out to Bubeneč to visit Na Slamníku. Step behind its squat mustard-yellow walls, and you'll be treated to the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace and excellent Unětice on tap. It’s little wonder the "Slamník" has been going strong for over 200 years. 

U Medvídků

Once a medieval brewery, U Medvídků is now a traditional pub, where long wooden tables sprawl out across vaulted halls. It's one of a handful of places in the center to serve original Budvar beer from České Budějovice – the drink's birthplace. The in-house brewers still experiment with their own concoctions, including potent semi-dark brews. There's even a spa on-site that uses beer as a remedy for whatever ails you.

U Vystřeleného Oka

If you fancy a raucous Friday night, this legendary Žižkov dive-pub is worth the tram journey from the center. U Vystřeleného Oka translates as "Shot-Out Eye" – a nod to the statue of the one-eyed Hussite hero atop nearby Žižkov hill.

A fairly large flame shoots from a glass as a bartender pours absinthe into it.
Prague's cocktail bars are a perfect mix of local and international flavors © Roman Yanushevsky / Shutterstock

The best cocktail bars in Prague 

Café Bar Pilotů

Vršovice has evolved into a popular nightlife spot, and at the heart of the scene is the dapper Café Bar Pilotů. Order from the seasonal drinks menu, and then enjoy your tipple from the comfort of a generous sofa, surrounded by a curated mishmash of books, antiques, and the framed faces of jazz greats. 

Hemingway Bar

Best cocktail bar in Staré Mĕsto (Old Town)

Arguably the Czech capital's classiest cocktail joint, you'll need to book in advance to grab a spot around one of the stylish dark-leather banquettes at Hemingway Bar. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway, a writer famed for his love of the hard stuff, the drinks list plays homage to his favored rum and absinthe.

Four large glasses of beers being clinked together to say "cheers"
Beer culture is strong in Prague © Nikada / Getty Images

The best microbreweries and craft beer bars in Prague

Beer Geek

The mantra a few years back was that Czechs – accustomed to their own Pilsner-style lagers – would never go for hoppy, fruity IPAs. Fast forward to the present, and Beer Geek in Vinohrady is proving that age-old adage wrong. This minimalist pub has 32 taps in regular rotation, including imports and the best local craft brews, along with an inventive menu of spicy chicken wings. 

Andělský Pivovar

A relative newcomer to the Smíchov drinking scene, Andělský Pivovar offers high-quality homemade brews in a clean, renovated space. Long sunny evenings may lure you out onto the terrace; during winter, take snug shelter in the brickwork drinking cellar. 

Vinohradský Pivovar

The always-packed Vinohradský Pivovar produces its own well-respected line-up of Pilsner-style lagers as well as more experimental India pale lagers, IPAs, and stouts. The good-value food menu contains stylish Czech classics; the concert hall out the back can be a lively place to catch local bands. 


There's a crisp, clinical beauty to Ossegg in leafy Vinohrady. Order one of the superb light or dark house beers and a plate of modern Czech food, and then perch atop a stool, surrounded by gleaming stainless steel and bulbous brewing kettles. 

Klášterní Pivovar Strahov

Balance a visit to the 12th-century Strahov Monastery with a pint at the monastery's own microbrewery, Klášterní Pivovar Strahov. The signature St Norbert beer comes in dark and amber varieties and can be enjoyed in the convivial beer hall or sunny courtyard. 

A jazz quartet made up of a drummer, piano player, clarinetist and a man on a xylophone play on a dimly lit stage at the Reduta Jazz Club
Quality blues and jazz can be heard at clubs across Prague © Richard Nebesky / Lonely Planet

The best jazz and blues clubs in Prague

Jazz Dock

Prague is great for jazz. Clean, modern decor and big windows with views over the Vltava river set Jazz Dock apart from the city's other largely subterranean venues. The club draws the best local talent and touring international acts. To be sure of a table, it's wise to book ahead. 

AghaRTA Jazz Centrum

AghaRTA Jazz Centrum effortlessly achieves a kind of Platonic jazz club ideal: an intimate brick-lined cellar space that makes each show feel like a happening. Depending on the night, you'll be able to catch modern and fusion jazz acts, as well as those inspired by Afro-Cuban beats. 

Reduta Jazz Club

Reduta Jazz Club opened in 1958 and retains a comforting throwback vibe from the '50s. The setting is more theater than club; you might want to dress a little more smartly for this one. As a testament to its pedigree: it was here, in 1994, that then US president Bill Clinton jammed on a saxophone presented to him by Václav Havel.

Jazz Republic

This Old Town stage remains dedicated to promoting local players. The program at Jazz Republic is equally strong on jazz and blues and occasionally stretches to reggae and other genres. With round wooden tables squeezed into a vaulted cellar, the atmosphere is everything you'd want and expect from a jazz den.

A group of people walk down a cobbled stone street towards a busy Prague street at night
You're sure to find the perfect night out to suit your tastes in Prague © Marcus Lindstrom / Getty Images

Drink somewhere a bit different: best of the rest in Prague


Many Prague watering holes defy easy description, and that's the case for this Holešovice all-rounder. With good craft beers, a well-chosen wine list and inventive cocktails, it's not hard to see why Cobra is constantly packed to the rafters. 

Planeta Žižkov

Žižkov is famous for bars and this local boozer is an ideal choice for starting a crawl. There's unfiltered Pilsner Urquell on tap at Planeta Žižkov, alongside ample portions of Czech bar food. Exposed brickwork, vintage prints, and card-room green walls add to the relaxed, offbeat vibe. 

Blue Light

Blue Light is where normally buttoned-up Malá Strana comes to party amid graffiti-daubed walls. Classic cocktails reign on the drinks list. Depending on the night, the mood ranges from laid-back table talk to a boisterous bar scene that spills out the door and onto the cobblestone street. 

The best places for live music in Prague

Palác Akropolis

Housed in a warren-like building with art deco sensibilities, Palác Akropolis contains a cafe and restaurant, bars with DJ nights, as well as two stages for live music. This spirited Žižkov venue regularly features the best local and international bands, working in genres ranging from rock and alternative to folk, Roma, indie, and almost anything else.

Lucerna Music Bar

Beneath the swish 1920s Lucerna Palace lurks one of Prague's most beloved venues. The underground Lucerna Music Bar plugs visitors into the local scene and books some big-name international acts. Weekend nights give way to a hugely popular '80s and '90s dance party. 


Roxy plays host to high-quality Czech indie and alternative bands as well as an inspired list of foreign acts. The ramshackle setting – it was once an art deco cinema – lends a suitably noir vibe. Begin the night upstairs in NoD, a cafe slash bar slash experimental theater and gallery space.  

Malostranská Beseda

Head to the 2nd floor of Malostranská Beseda to find a lively roster of Czech rock acts that range from the up-and-coming to oldies from the pre-Velvet Revolution era. This turreted Renaissance building – which was the city hall when it opened in 1478 – is now a cultural complex with a Pilsner Urquell restaurant and beer hall. 

Things to do in Prague at night when you’re not drinking


Tucked away in what once was a slaughterhouse in Holešovice Market, Jatka78 hosts experimental circus and dance performances, which often dazzle, surprise, and display a distinctly dark Czech humor. The website outlines which shows are English-friendly. The vast cafe-bar occupies a suitably avant-garde space.

Bio Oko

Dating from the 1940s, Bio Oko remains one of the hippest places in Prague to catch a movie. Order a coffee, homemade lemonade, or gin fizz, then choose from the diverse seating in the auditorium. If you opt for a deckchair, just be confident you can get back up in the dark without alarming your neighbors. The program includes big-budget movies and art-house classics, with frequent English-language screenings. 

Edison Filmhub

A relative newcomer to Prague's cinema scene, Edison Filmhub is now arguably leading the pack, at least when it comes to English-friendly screenings. The Functionalist exterior gives way to a stylish cafe and cozy film hall. The program is defined by quality rather than genre, and late-night shows often include Q&A sessions.

This article was first published March 2020 and updated April 2023

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