With diverse neighborhoods, street art, architectural tours, and incredible beaches, there's so much to see and do in Marseille that it may feel overwhelming to choose. Comic book writer and illustrator Camille Potts helps narrow down the options by showing you her perfect day in her hometown of Marseille. 

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I'm a comic book writer and illustrator. I was born in Paris but I fell in love with Marseille (and a Marseillais) 7 years ago, and I have been living there for two years now. I live next to the popular Plage des Catalans, where I swim a lot and sometimes dive with a local association. What I really love about Marseille is its diversity of places and the warmth of its inhabitants.

Why Camille thinks you should visit Marseille

It is the perfect combination of sun, proximity to nature and metropolitan excitement.

Here’s Camille’s perfect day in Marseille


Three questions with Camille

We asked Camille three questions to help you plan your own visit to Marseille.

What’s the one place someone should visit to understand Marseille?

Notre-Dame de la Garde, the basilica that overlooks the whole city and where sailors hang small boats to bring good luck.

What’s a signature dish someone should try?

A slice of pizza from one of the trucks in the city

If someone wants to buy a souvenir, what do you recommend?

Some panisses from l'Estaque. You can even take a boat trip with the city navette to go there.

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