Albania’s natural beauty — from its beaches to its mountains — will take your breath away.  Anxhi Celiku has traveled extensively around the country for more than four years now and shows you how to have the perfect day in Albania. 


I have been traveling around Albania for more than four years – visiting each part, city, village. During my travels, I have seen spectacular and scenic spots, experienced delicious food and met very nice people. I’ve been capturing the most beautiful, most special parts of my journey and sharing them with people that follow my adventures on social media.

Why Anxhi thinks you should visit Albania

Albania's mountains to the north and crystal clear waters to the south make it a perfect destination for everyone © Anxhi Celiku

I would really suggest visiting the two halves of Albania. North Albania is where you can hike, explore wild villages, experience traditional culture and eat traditional cuisine. In south Albania, you can enjoy our cultural heritage, see different castles and old bazaars, meet very nice people, swim in crystal waters and try delicious food. 

Here’s Anxhi’s perfect day in Albania


Three questions with Anxhi

We asked Anxhi three questions to help you plan your trip to Albania. 

What’s the one place someone should visit to get a better understanding of Albania?

The different castles located in south Albania. Each has a unique story. Visit them to understand their strategic way of just how and why they were built.

What’s a signature dish someone should try?

If they go to Gjirokastra they should really try hoshaf, a traditional dessert made of sheep’s milk and figs. I tried it in Hotel Kodra and it was very tasty. If they go to Tepelena they should try meat dishes at a place called Lord Byron Tepelene. If you go to Saranda, you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood dishes.

If someone wants to buy a souvenir, what would you recommend? 

In the old bazaar of Gjirokastra, which dates back to the 17th century, you might buy a small traditional Albanian carpet made with traditional machinery (a needle-punching machine) and with beautiful colors.  

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