The turn of a new decade leads to inevitable reflection.  So we turned to our founders, authors and travel editors to see what they thought of travel in the noughties - the highlights, the lowlights, the comedy, the drama and the 'where to from here?'s.

Tom Hall, UK travel editor

UK travel ed Tom Hall chose Ethiopia as his travel highlight of the decade for the sheer history and adventure. Biggest letdown? A not so luxurious luxury sleeper train through Europe. Biggest 'mistake'? Overshooting his campsite by, ahem, 80 miles.

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Robert Reid, US travel editor

Robert Reid, our US travel editor spent a good portion of the noughties authoring on the road for Lonely Planet, but his pick of the decade was closer to home.  In rediscovering the joys of his own country, a wild experience gave him reason to vote for Kansas as a highlight. Most underrated place? Robert was stunned by Bulgaria. And what's on the agenda for 2010? Lobster in Maine. Sounds good, huh?

Get Robert's wrap up here.

Frances Linzee Gordon, author

Frances Linzee Gordon, one of Lonely Planet's best-known authors (and a cracking photographer to boot) was mesmerised by Saudi Arabia for its sheer size (and the fact that it's home to the handsome Arabian oryx). Ethiopia was a pleasant surprise - she wasn't expecting such amazing landscape and history.  Nor was she expecting the massive, sequinned 'Lonely Planet' tablecloth at a restaurant in Morocco. Or being called 'Ms Planet'. But hey. Plans for 2010? Learning to fly!

Read Frances' full review here.

Tony Wheeler, Lonely Planet founder

Tony Wheeler, one half of Lonely Planet's founding team, has been travelling almost all his life and he's seen the changing face of it. So what travel experience topped his list this last decade? Try a dive down way underwater to a WWII Japanese passenger-cargo ship in Chuuk. Afghanistan was still as fascinating now as it was back in the early 70s, but getting stuck in a lift in Mongolia was not. And where's Tony aiming his boots at next? The picturesque coast of Bruny Island.

Read the rest of Tony's review here.

So what do you think is going to be big in travel in 2010? Grab Best in Travel 2010 and see if you agree!

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