Croatia’s Zlatni Rat has just been named the best beach in the world and its exceptional shape  and turquoise water is the star of many tourism posters. But now we’re interested in your favourite hidden gem for a splash in the sea. 

Is it a tiny rocky cove you stumbled upon off the coast of Cornwall? Or a secret sandy paradise in Indonesia, only accessible after a day’s hike? Whatever it is, you can tell us by filling out this form.

Aerial photograph of the beach, which comes out in a spit of land from the peninsula.
Zlatni Rat in Croatia has been voted the world's best beach (c) Simone Simone/Getty Images

Most importantly, we want to know why it’s your favourite. Perhaps you love it because it’s home to a tiny shack with a friendly face serving you cold beers all day? Or because at night it turns into a secret rave with a DJ banging out tunes as you dance towards the dawn? Maybe it’s your local strand where your dog can happily run for hours around the sand dunes. Or maybe you love it because it was a comfortable place to swim naked without inhibition. It could be the setting of your most beautiful sunset or maybe you love it because the conditions are just right for building epic sandcastles. The possibilities are endless...

Your best tips will be published online and our favourites will win a copy of 50 Beaches to Blow Your Mind. We will publish our readers' guide to the best beaches later this month.

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