One of Europe’s most glamorous ski resorts, Zermatt has been attracting ski bunnies and adrenaline addicts since the mid-19th century. This charming car-free town sits at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, so whether you're clambering up mountains, skiing down them, hiking around them or just sipping cocktails and admiring them, Zermatt looks good from any angle. Our top 10 mountain views are likely to have you packing your bags for a trip to Zermatt in a heartbeat.

The Matterhorn reflecting off Lake Riffelsee

The Matterhorn is at its best when reflecting off Lake Riffelsee. Image by Matteo Colombo/Photostock/Getty

This is the Matterhorn view. Charge your camera battery and make sure that lens cap is off – no trip to Zermatt is complete without photographic evidence that you have witnessed the spectacular mirage of the mountain reflecting off Lake Riffelsee.

On the summit of the Matterhorn

Unbeatable views are the reward for making it to the Matterhorn's summit. Image by Christian Kober/Photostock/Getty

Unsurprisingly, the view from the summit of the Matterhorn is one of the world's most spectacular vistas. But you're going to have to work for it. You need to be a skilled climber, in peak physical shape, and it's essential to acclimatise properly before making the climb. Be sure to take a local guide; the Matterhorn claims many lives and is not a mountain to be messed with.

Ride Europe's highest cable car

Check out the views from Europe's highest cable car, the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Image by Rob Alter/CC BY 2.0

Acrophobes beware: the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is Europe's highest cable car, whisking you up to 3883m over mountain peaks and glaciers. If you can bear to open your eyes, you're in for a real treat.

Stare down your skis

Cruise down one of Zermatt's many ski runs, some of Switzerland's finest. Image by George Clerk/Photostock/Getty

Do you prefer to snow plow down blue runs or throw yourself down daring blacks? Whatever your ski style you'll find something to suit in Zermatt and all the runs come with stunning scenery and plenty of Matterhorn views.

Sky-high sleeps

Switzerland’s highest hotel, Kulmhotel Gornergrat, at the top of the Gornergratbahn at 3100m. Image by Nicola Williams/Lonely Planet

If Zermatt's mountain panoramas have you on cloud nine, then these alpine hotels are where you'll want to rest your head. Snooze among the peaks and glaciers at Switzerland's highest hotel, KulmhotelBerggasthaus Trift or, for hardcore climbers, try the Monte Rose Hütte (

Hike into the horizon

Summer hiking in the Swiss Alps with clear blue skies. Image by Kate Morgan/Lonely Planet

There's no better place to strap on your hiking boots. Zermatt is a hiker’s playground and paths wind through some of the most incredible scenery in the Alps, with Matterhorn close-ups guaranteed on the Matterhorn Glacier Trail.

Sip cocktails to a Matterhorn backdrop

Sip cocktails to a Matterhorn backdrop in Zermatt town. Image by Tim Macpherson/Photostock/Getty

Pulled a hamstring? Twisted your ankle? Bad back? Look, any old excuse will do to get out of skiing or hiking for the day so you can kick back with a drink on a terrace staring at the mountain scenery. Try Chez Vrony for a start.

Arrive into Zermatt on the Glacier Express

Brace yourselves for Matterhorn views as the Glacier Express pulls into Zermatt. Image by Kabelleger/CC BY SA-2.0

Tickets may not come cheap but you do get million-dollar Alpine views when you ride on the Glacier Express. The best way to take the trip is with Zermatt as your final destination, with the mighty Matterhorn welcoming you to town (fingers crossed the weather is clear!).

Feast your eyes on traditional Swiss cuisine

Spätzle makes for the perfect comfort dish to fill up on after a hike or ski. Image by Kate Morgan/Lonely Planet

The sight of a hearty Alpine meal can be the ultimate view when you are ravenous from all that mountain air and activity. Tuck into traditional Swiss cuisine like spätzle (a cross between pasta and dumplings) and fondue, or try a legendary burger from Snowboat (

A room with a view

Wake up to the majestic Matterhorn right outside your hotel window. Image by Peter Stevens/CC BY 2.0

The only way to start the day in Zermatt is to wake up, open the blinds and see the Matterhorn rising above the rooftops. Plenty of rooms come with a view here, try Chesa Valese and Hotel Bahnhof.

Kate Morgan is the Destination Editor for Western Europe at Lonely Planet. Follow her tweets at @kate_ann_morgan. Kate travelled to Zermatt with the support of the Switzerland Tourism Board ( and Swiss Air ( Lonely Planet contributors do not accept freebies in exchange for positive coverage.

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