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Leave your preconceptions at home, because Yerevan (ԵՐԵՎԱՆ) will almost certainly confound them. This is a city full of contradictions – top-of-the-range Mercedes sedans share the roads with Ladas so old they should be in museum collections; old-fashioned teahouses sit next to chic European-style wine bars; and street fashions range from hipster to babushka with many weird and wonderful variations in between. Life... Read More

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$29.64 Day Trips & Excursions

1-Day Tour to see Yerevan, Garni and Geghard

During a short period of time you will manage to see one of the world’s oldest capitals Yerevan all sightseeing places. You will then proceed to Garni pagan temple which is the only pagan temple that survived to the present in all USSR territory. It was built in Greco-Roman style and dedicated to the god of Sun Mitra. Also it was a summer residence for Armenian kings. Finally visit Geghard monastery that is part of the UNESCO international cultural heritage collection because of its uniqueness. It was carved in a one single block of rock. According to the legend some monks lived in artificial caves before the monastery was built. You will then be returned to Yerevan.

$29 Cultural & Theme Tours

Day Tour to Sevan Lake, Tsakhkadzor Rope Way and Kecharis Monastery in Armenia

Be transferred from Yerevan to Sevan lake. Sevan Lake is your first stop and is on the Sevan peninsula with Sevanavank. Enjoy a fantastic view of the "Blue Queen" of Armenia. The moving onto Tsaghkadzor, the valley of flowers. Here you will take the rope way up to the mount. After a short walk enjoy tea or coffee with the fresh air of Mount Teghenis. Afterwards move back to Kecharis Monastery. Lunch is not included but can be arranged in Sevan. The restaurants in Sevan lake are famous for fish (Ishkhan or trout) or in Tsaghkadzor in a local restaurant. You will then be transferred back to Yerevan.

$17 Cultural & Theme Tours

Day Trip: Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral, Hripsime Church, Gayane Church and Zvartnots Temple from Yerevan

Receive a morning pickup from your Yerevan hotel, after which you will be driven to the Western part of Armenia to make your first stop at the Armenian Apostolic church of St. Echmiadzin about 12 miles (20 kilometers) from Yerevan. Learn about the origins of the Cathedral of Echmiadzin, which was founded at the beginning of the fourth century and is considered one of the oldest churches in the world. According to legend, the church was built in a place where an apparition of Jesus Christ was seen to the religious leader Gregory the Illuminator in a dream. The interior of the church is covered with frescoes created by the Hovnatanyan family. Head next to St. Hripsime church, the one of the famous ecclesiastical buildings in Echmiadzin. Learn about why this religious structure offers a perfect example of one of Armenia’s famous “cross-cupola” churches, while also admiring various highlights of its architectural simplicity. You’ll also find the tomb of the Christian martyr Virgin Hripsime is in the church sacristy. Not far from the Echmiadzin Cathedral, against the background of the white peaks of Ararat, you will be able to see see the silhouette of the cupola of St. Gayane church. This church was built in the 7th century and was designed in the domed-basilica style. According to legend this St. Gayane was constructed over the tomb of the Virgin Gayane, who was martyred for preaching Christianity. Make the last stop of your excursion at Zvartnot temple, an example of the craftsmanship and creativity of Armenian architects in the 7th century. Having been built on several columns, the original structure only survived only till the 10th century. However, at the beginning of the 20th century when the site was excavated and reconstructed. After your visit to Zvartnot, you will then be returned to the local operator’s head office in central Yerevan.

$21 Cultural & Theme Tours

Small Group Day Trip to Khor Virap, Noravank and Areni Winery

The tour starts at 09:00 am from the local operators head office in Yerevan. You will first be taken to the Southern part of Armenia where the first stop of the trip is Khor Virap, the most famous pilgrimage site in Armenia as it is directly connected with the adoption of Christianity. As a state religion Christianity in Armenia was adopted in 301 due to endeavors of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, who before converting king Trdat the 3rd to Christianity, was imprisoned in the dungeon over which a church of Khor Virap monastery was built in the 17th century. From the monastery one can admire the stunning view of the Biblical Mount Ararat.Passing a narrow road surrounded by rocks of hundred caves, one discovers a scene of harmony of architecture with nature in the next stop, Noravank monastery. Enshrined with fine architectural solutions and luxurious embellishments is one of the brightest examples of Armenian architecture of the 13th century. Noravank consists of St. Karapet, St. Grigory the Illuminator churches and St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) two-storey church, which is notable for its ideal constructive and sculptural work.Next stop is at Birds-Cave (Areni-1) which is situated 12 km from Yeghegnadzor, on the left bank of river Areni. The cave is consisted of 3 halls, has approximately 500 m² area, the large part of which still hasn’t been explored. As a result of studies, metal knives, fruit seeds, grain residues, rope, dishes, clothing, dried grapes and plums, dated to 4200-3500 BC, were found in the cave. The oldest leather shoe of the world was found right here. It is more than 5500 years old. Also, in the same area, there were found world’s oldest women’s skirt (3900 BC), as well as the first winery in the whole world. Nowadays the mentioned winery is considered to be the ancient one and it is referred to 4th millennium BC. No one has lived inside the cave, at the meantime, wine consumption was of ritual meaning for them. A lunch break will be in a cozy restaurant surrounded by nature. One can choose the meal between 4 offered options in the vehicle before arrival to the restaurant and pay on the spot. The last stop is the village of Areni is in Vayots Dzor region. This sunny village is famous for its best wine assortments. Due to its specific flavor and delicate taste "Areni" wine has its respectful place among the best Armenian wines. The visit to the wine factory of the village will serve a good testimony to the above mentioned. The St. Astvatsatsin church built by skillful architect and sculpture Momik is in Areni village, too.You will be returned to the office.

$23 Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trip: Tsaghkadzor, Kecharis Monastery, Lake Sevan, - Dilijan, Goshavank and Haghartsin from Yerevan

This 9-hour tour starts at 10am from the local operators head office. You will be driven to the North-Western part of Armenia for the first stop, Tsaghkadzor city ("Valley of flowers"). This is considered to be one of the most popular winter resorts of Armenia, it is one of the places of the mountainous country, where the beauty of the nature appears with its whole variety. Tsaghkadzor is situated in Kotayk region, 50 kilometers North from Yerevan, on the eastern slope of Teghenis Mountain and is surrounded with virginal woods and alpine meadows. Moving on you will see Kecharis monastery in the north-western part of Tsakhkadzor. It was built in 11-13th centuries. The monastery consists of four churches and a half-destroyed mausoleum of Grigorius Pahlavuni, who financed building the monastery.The next short stop is the pearl of mountainous Armenia is Sevan Lake, which is one of the world's greatest high altitude fresh-water lakes. It is about 1900 m above sea level. The lake is of volcanic origin and is surrounded with mountains of 3,000 meters and higher. The beautiful landscape and the crystal water serve nice preconditions for excellent rest.The lake is also famous for its peninsula and medieval church complex built in 874.The third short stop is Dilijan town which entices people with its unforgettable beauty and mild climate. The city stretches on the banks of Aghstev river, surrounded with mountains and forests. Dilijan has the fame of a health resort. The warm sun, fresh air and natural spas have great healing influence on people. Lunch will be held in a cozy restaurant. One can choose the meal between 4 offered options in the vehicle before arrival to the restaurant and pay on the spot. The next point, Goshavank monastery was founded by the famous medieval scientist Mkhitar Gosh. The complex consists of several religious and secular buildings. The unrivaled khachkar put in front of the onenaved basilica was created by the skillful master Poghos in 1291. The next stop is at Ijevan wine factory where you will have the possibility not only to watch a wine making procedure but also to taste different types of wine.  The last stop is Haghartsin monastery situated in the woodlands of Tavush region which represents an indescribable example of blend of nature with architecture. It was founded in the 10-11th centuries, though new buildings were added in the 12-13th centuries. Now it consists of St. Grigor, St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God), St. Stepanos churches and some other buildings.The refectory due to its skillful architectural composition is of great interest. The huge oak tree, which is almost at the age of the monastery, completes the whole scene.You will then be returned to the local operators head office in central Yerevan.

$105 Tours & Sightseeing

Yerevan City Tour: Erebuni Museum, Local Market, Matenadaran, Tsitsernakaberd

Starting time and place of the tour can be chosen by guests. You will be driven to the the South-Eastern part of Yerevan where the first stop is foreseen at the fortress of Erebuni on ArinBerd hill. It was built in 782 B.C. by the Urartian king Argishti the first. During the excavations started in the 20th century a cuneiform inscription was found, according to which the history of nowadays Yere-van starts from this place. On the top of the hill the ruins of the citadel and the frescoes on the wall reveal the high artistic achievements of those remote centuries. The museum down the hill displays the findings that have been excavated in the territory of the fortress. The next short stop is at Local market where there is a chance to taste and buy local natural food. The third stop is on the northern part of Mashtots avenue where Matenadaran (a book depository), one of the world's most ancient libraries is located. Its collections comprise ancient Armenian books and miniature paintings that have gained world-wide fame. Among its unique treasures are the works of ancient classical authors and rare manuscripts that have come to our days only in the Armenian translation. Several monuments to the outstanding Armenian cultural figures are located in the courtyard of Matenadaran. The next point is the memorial-complex to the victims of the Armenian genocide towers over Tsitsernakaberd hill. At the center of the monument there is the Memorial Sepulcher with eternal flame and twelve, tall basalt slabs leaning over the flame. As a part of the Monument the arrow-shaped 44 meters high granite stele symbolizes the spiritual rebirth and bold spirit of the Armenian people. The Genocide Museum is a special constituent part of the complex. The exhibit contains many large photos taken by the witnesses, archival documents, documentary films and the original documents issued by international organizations. The last stop is "Dalma Garden" Mall where the guests can stay upon preference for shopping. You will be returned to central Yerevan.