Andresito Statue


Pride of place on the Posadas costanera goes to this huge stainless-steel sculpture of Guaraní provincial strongman Andrés Guacarurí (Guazurary), looking like the Tin Man in search of a heart.

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1. Costanera


In the afternoon, the costanera comes alive with joggers, cyclists, dog walkers, mate sippers, hot-dog vendors and young couples staring at Paraguay…

2. Palacio del Mate

0.56 MILES

While it sounds like it should be interesting, unfortunately the Mate Palace is a fail with just a couple of display cases housing decorative gourds and…

4. Sambadromo Carnaval


The Sambadromo (Carnival parade ground) is along Av Costanera, which is Encarnación's main strip for nightlife. Outside of Carnival season it is used for…

5. Escalinata San Pedro


A Gaudí-esque ornamental stairway in a residential neighbourhood at the far end of Av Costanera.

6. Santa Ana

18.98 MILES

At Santa Ana, which was founded in 1633 but moved here in 1660, dense forest has been partially removed to reveal a settlement that had over 7000 Guaraní…

7. Ita Cajón

19.13 MILES

The former Jesuit quarry has now been turned into a pleasant park. The Jesuits removed the stone by hammering along fault lines until the rock broke,…

8. Trinidad Ruins

19.48 MILES

Spectacular ruins, with the red-brown stone of the church contrasting strongly with the flower-studded green grass and surrounding hillscapes. Unlike at…