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It’s a shame. Angola has the potential to be one of Africa’s dazzling highlights. Lurking within its wild borders lies the continent’s second-largest waterfall, scattered remnants of Portuguese colonial history, a handful of emerging national parks, beaches galore and a diverse and unbelievably stoic cross-section of people.

Whether Angola will open up to outsiders any time soon is anyone's guess. The underdeveloped tourist industry has yet to spread it wings and take flight. The sooner the government tackles the country's nagging political issues, the quicker it can emerge from its protracted slumber and show the world what's it's been missing.

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$175 Cultural & Theme Tours

Luanda Culture, Landmarks, and History Full-Day Tour

Itinerary from start to finish below:Fortress de São Miguel - The first fortress built in Luanda by the first governor in 1575. After the independence was conquered, it became the Museum of Armed Forces. Old planes, artillery, and others are on display.  Marginal - The war that lasted until 2001 brought destruction to the population and the infrastructure of the country. It has been some time since the war ended, and traces of development can be seen at the Marginal. Tall buildings surround Marginal, bringing the hope of a new future here. Luanda Harbor- The late 1800s brought the need of a proper port in the capital city for the economic and industrial growth of the country. Besides the typical activities of a port, it also includes many of the oil companies. Iron Palace -This building is believed to have been designed and constructed in 1890 by Gustave Eiffel. There is no registration of its origin for certain, and the rumors revolve around ships having been lost at sea and ending up in Angolan territory. During the colonial years, it was an art center, after independence the palace fell into ruins and became a parking lot. Today, it is a must see in Luanda.  Cidade Alta - The political heart of the country, it is White House of Angola surrounded by police and army forces who protect the area. Due to its high surveillance, beware of the signs and always ask if it is ok to use cameras. The buildings in the Cidade Alta indulge of a pink tone, and carry a charming personality of the rarely calm Luanda. Largo 1o de Maio - An important place in the city of Luanda as it is the place where the Republic of Angola was proclaimed. Some say there was a beautiful and anxious silence at the square in 1975 when the first words were being pronounced. Today, the Square is still a center of birth for Angola as protests, and wedding shoots. Largo das Heroínas - Here represents the presence of women in the fight for independence. Lucrécia Paim, Engrácia Santos, Irene Cohen, and Teresa Afonso die in 1969 for their beliefs and fought to the very last breath for the independence of Angola. They're a symbol of pride and inspiration for Angolan women who fight every day for an honest life. Mausoleum of Agostinho Neto - Here is the resting place of the first president of Angola. The 18 acre Mausoleum has a museum, expositions, multi-use rooms, gardens, and more.Please note that the order of the above is subject to change.

$625 Outdoor Activities

Day tour from Luanda to Kissama National Park

The Moon Viewpoint is a set of cliffs 40 km south of Luanda, in the municipality of Samba in Angola. Over time, erosion caused by wind and rain created the kind of lunar-martian landscape that we find today. This was the backdrop of the film "The Moon Lookout" from the Portuguese director Jorge António, the first Portuguese-Angolan film co-production, shot in 1993 and got the special prize at the Gramado Festival, Brazil. Today you can enjoy a stop during the latter part of the day at the "Grand Canyon" of Angola, unique on the planet and only found, in a similar aspect, in the Republic of Congo in much smaller formations, and in Madagascar in grey color. This is the only such cliffs in Africa with this geological formation of stunning almost Martian beauty. The tour will start at the Kissama National Park, where after visiting the park you can have lunch at Pousada Cuanza (not included.) After that, will stop at the Moon Viewpoint, where you're able to watch the sunset reflected in such a beautiful work of nature. *Please note that the animals in the park during the civil war in Angola were almost entirely poached out and have only recently been re-introduced about a decade ago, and are taking time to re-populate. You will not see something like a private game reserve in Tanzania or South Africa. This is a very raw and new destination and the scenery is superb, and the birdlife world-class, but you will not see as many animals as the zoo-like factory farms of wildlife gawking in South Africa or East Africa. This in mind, enjoy and you'll have the whole place all to yourself!

$125 Cultural & Theme Tours

Day Tour From Luanda: Dance Workshop - Mussulo Island - Surf Beaches

Mussulo is a peninsula located south of Luanda and it’s actually a superb and serenely beautiful beach strip decked with the best and most lively vistas, restaurants, bars, views, and cultural hotspots of Luanda. It was created by sediments from the Kwanza River moved north by the Benguela Current, and it is everybody's favorite place to relax. It is about 30 km long, at most 3 km wide.  Mussulo is usually very expensive and difficult to get to from Luanda on your own. We have made a value-packed tour and activity day here for our guests. Our tour represents some of the best and most defining experiences of a visit to the city and its people. The tour will start with a visit around the length of the island, followed by the dance workshops at a nice resort. The resort is a few meters from the sea and here you can have a nice meal (seafood is superb), continue and try out more dance, or catch the best waves in the country coming in from the Atlantic. You can try your skills or learn to surf, or just chill and relax on the sand and sunbathe (board rental optional, and bring sunscreen)! The Angolan national and popular dance styles are: Kizomba, Kuduro, Bachata and Salsa. **We strongly urge booking at least two weeks in advance to guarantee your spot in the description. 

$520 Cultural & Theme Tours

Day Tour From Luanda: Capoeira -Cuisine - Slave Forts - Military Aviation Museum

At Chicala, you’ll have a selection of panoramic selection of Angolan dishes to choose from, to enjoy some of the best cuisine of Africa fused with Portuguese tradition from Europe in its best form!After your feast and sampling session, next it is on to a visit to Saint Michael Fortress, a Portuguese fortress built in 1576 by Paulo Dias de Novais.  Saint Michael Fortress became the administrative center of the colony in 1627 and was a major outlet for slave traffic to Brazil. The fort was for many years a self-contained town protected by thick walls encrusted with cannons.  Inside the fort, elaborate ceramic tiles tell the story of Angola from early years. In the courtyard are large, imposing statues of Portugal's first king, the first European to reach Angola, Diego Cão, renowned explorer Vasco da Gama, and other notables.  Until 1975, the fortress served as the headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the Portuguese Armed Forces in Angola. Today, it holds the Museum of Military History, and the Aviation Museum.  Next we will enjoy a short visit to the museum to see the history and the excellent aircraft collection. At the and of the afternoon, there will be a Capoeira Workshop on Luanda Island, while the sun goes down!  We can cap off the evening with some optional cocktails and relax while feeling the vibes of Angolan music and nightlife. If you are feeling really energetic, you can even dance! If you would like to go out, that is optional as well, and the nightlife is typically subject to weekends as it is the busiest and most hopping nights, naturally.

$175 Cultural & Theme Tours

Day Tour from Luanda to Shipwreck Beach and Boat Graveyard

Off shore and along this stretch of beach are dozens of rusting hulks of tankers, cargo ships, and fishing vessels. There are at least 50 different abandoned boats here. It is impossible to walk here and not have questions running through your mind. How did they get here? What were they used for? Who was on these boats? Many legends have been passed along concerning how the large ships mysteriously arrived there, in local folklore, while some truly interesting mercantile and cold war history lies behind their real stories as well. Enjoy the cool playground & ship graveyard! Enjoy a day on the beach out of town, eerily novel scenery, a picnic with friends, or some otherworldly photo-memories! *Please pack a lunch for the day or ask our guide to arrange something (not included) for your group!

$539.99 Cultural & Theme Tours

Angola Surf Weekend - Cabo Ledo

From your Luanda location/hotel your car and guide will pick you up between 7am and 7:30am. Getting an early start gives us time to make the most out of our day and the waves! The drive is about 120 kms from Luanda, we arrive just in time for coffee!Day 1 includes plenty of surfing practice and: Miradoro da Lua (“Moon Viewpoint”) Morning Coffee at Kwanza Lodge (Kwanza River) Arriving in “Praia dos Surfistas” at 10am Surf Lesson  Lunch (Sandwiches & Fruit) Surf Lesson Day 2 includes yoga, more surfing, and: Breakfast  Yoga Lesson Surf Lesson Lunch Back to Luanda where you'll be dropped off at your hotel or agreed upon destination. Accommodation: Our overnight stay will be at Carpe Diem Resort, included in the price.

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