Rex H Lee Auditorium

American Samoa

This large building is nicknamed the 'turtle house' for its distinctive shape.

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2. Government House

0.11 MILES

This beautiful white clapboard mansion at the top of a small hill offers perfect views across the harbour. Tours may be available; ask at your…

4. Tauese PF Sunia Ocean Center

0.18 MILES

The visitor centre for the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa has informative exhibits relating to the region's reefs and ecosystems; if it's not…

5. Jean P Hayden Museum


Has a small but interesting display of Samoan artefacts, including va’a (bonito canoes), alia (war canoes), coconut-shell combs, pigs’ tusk armlets and…

6. Fono

0.39 MILES

This traditionally inspired building houses American Samoa's Senate and House of Representatives.

7. Fagatogo Market

0.56 MILES

This is the town’s social centre on a Friday night. Locals come to gossip, ransack food stalls and pick over fresh coconuts, breadfruit and other produce;…