Standing in stark relief to Nu’uuli’s scruffy strip of restaurants and convenience stores, this secluded waterfall with a deliciously cool swimming hole at its base is a magical place. The surrounding rainforest muffles the sound of the water cascading down 20m of jagged black lava rocks.

It's a little hard to find. Coming along the main road from the west, turn left at the Nu’uuli Family Mart and follow this side road, veering left at the pig farm. At the end, park on the grass to the left (you’ll see a house downhill on your right); the start of the track is in front of you. If you see anyone, it's polite to ask their permission to continue on, but you shouldn’t have to pay any money.

The narrow, rough track should take about 15 minutes. At the first juncture, veer left and continue until the trail reaches the stream. Stop here and look for the path leading steeply up the hill on the other side before wading across.