Central Albania

This Ottoman-style bazaar was restored in 2015 and now looks better than ever. It's also one of the country's best places for souvenir shopping and has antique gems and quality traditional wares, including beautifully embroidered tablecloths, copper coffee pots and plates, although there is a growing amount of tourist tat as well.

The bazaar stretches through a tangle of streets, but a good place to start exploring is along Pazari Vjeter.

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1. Skanderbeg Museum

0.16 MILES

Designed by Enver Hoxha's daughter and son-in-law, this museum, inside the castle complex, opened in 1982. Its spacious seven-level interior displays…

2. Castle

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Kruja's once important castle is these days just an impressive ruin. Within its crumbling walls are Albanian flag sellers, pizza restaurants and an array…

3. National Ethnographic Museum

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This traditional home in the castle complex below the Skanderbeg Museum houses one of the best ethnographic museums in the country. Set in an original…

4. Teqe

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Right at the bottom of the castle complex are the remains of a small hammam (Turkish bath) as well as a functioning teqe – a small place of worship for…

5. Mt Dajti National Park

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Just 25km east of Tirana is Mt Dajti National Park. It is the most accessible mountain in the country, and many locals go there to escape the city rush…

6. Bunk'Art

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This fantastic conversion – from a massive Cold War bunker on the outskirts of Tirana into a history and contemporary art museum – is Albania's most…

7. National History Museum

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The largest museum in Albania holds many of the country's archaeological treasures and a replica of Skanderbeg's massive sword (how he held it, rode his…

8. Palace of Culture

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To the east of Sheshi Skënderbej is the white stone Palace of Culture, which has a theatre, shops and art galleries. Construction of the palace began as a…