Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway

Southeast Wales

Built to haul coal and passengers, this railway has been restored by local volunteers, allowing you to catch a train from the town centre to Furnace Sidings (near Big Pit) and on to Whistle Halt, which at 396m is one of the highest stations in Britain. Check online for running days and times, most of which involve restored steam locomotives.

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Nearby Southeast Wales attractions

1. Big Pit National Coal Museum

0.47 MILES

Fascinating Big Pit provides an opportunity to explore a real coal mine and get a taste of what life was like for the miners who worked here from 1880 to…

2. Blaenavon Ironworks

0.98 MILES

When it was completed in 1789, this ironworks was among the most advanced in the world. Today the site is one of the best preserved of all its Industrial…

3. Blaenavon World Heritage Centre

1.08 MILES

Housed in an artfully converted old school, this centre contains a cafe, a tourist office, a gallery, a gift shop and, more importantly, excellent…

4. Blorenge

3.11 MILES

Of the three mountains encircling Abergavenny, Blorenge (561m) is the closest to town – the round trip is only 5 miles – but it is a steep and strenuous…

5. Abergavenny Museum & Castle

4.91 MILES

Abergavenny castle's keep was converted into a hunting lodge during the Victorian era and now houses a small museum. It tells the history of the castle…

6. Sugarloaf Vineyards

4.93 MILES

Established in 1992, this vineyard on the northwestern edge of town produces a variety of white and red wines, including an award-winning sparkling. You…

7. Tithe Barn

5.03 MILES

The large blocky building next to the church is the former abbey's 12th-century tithe barn, the place where people brought their obligatory contributions…

8. St Mary's Priory Church

5.05 MILES

Although you wouldn't guess it from the outside, this large stone church has been described as the 'Westminster Abbey of South Wales' because of the…