Quan Ba Pass

Ha Giang Province

Leaving Ha Giang, the road climbs over the Quan Ba Pass (Heaven’s Gate) around 40km from the city. The saddle has an information centre and an awesome vista of knobbly topped limestone mountains. It's worth a detour, even if you aren't headed all the way to Dong Van.

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Nearby Ha Giang Province attractions

1. Lung Cam Cultural Tourist Village

17.44 MILES

Located in the narrow, incredibly picturesque Sung La Valley is the village of Lung Cam. Deemed a 'cultural tourist village' by the local authorities, the…

2. Vuong Palace

21.71 MILES

This grandiose two-storey mansion was built for a local Hmong king by the French in the 1920s in Chinese-Hmong style. Set in a hidden valley in the tiny…

3. Market

27.23 MILES

Meo Vac has a good Sunday market. The timing and its proximity with Dong Van's Sunday market means that it’s easy enough to combine the two by xe om.

4. Viewpoint

27.55 MILES

Head south of town, branching off on the road left towards Khau Vai, and you'll soon get to a homestay and a series of steps that lead up to fabulous…

5. Dong Van Market

27.67 MILES

Once a week, local villagers from the surrounding hills, including the Hmong, Tay, Nung and Hoa ethnic groups, flood into Dong Van for the Sunday market…

6. Old Quarter

27.75 MILES

At the northern end of P Co, just past the old market plaza, a narrow lane, backed by a limestone cliff, meanders into the compact old quarter of Dong Van…

7. French Fort

27.83 MILES

At the top of the karst peak that overlooks central Dong Van are the dramatic ruins of a French fort. It's possible to scale the peak, using the path that…

8. Lung Cu

29.27 MILES

Around 25km north of Dong Van and just a few kilometres from the Chinese border, Lung Cu is a massive flag tower erected in 2010 to mark the northernmost…