Queen of the Rosary Cathedral


Haiphong’s elegant Roman Catholic cathedral was built in the 19th century and comprehensively restored in 2010. The building’s grey towers are a local landmark, though the interior is rather plain.

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1. Haiphong Museum

0.11 MILES

In a splendid colonial building, this small museum concentrates on the city's history, with English translations on displays. The front hall's taxidermy…

2. Opera House

0.27 MILES

With a facade embellished with white columns, Haiphong’s neoclassical Opera House dates from 1904. It's usually not possible to view the interior, but…

3. Navy Museum

0.37 MILES

The Navy Museum is interesting for visiting sailors and US Vietnam veterans.

4. Du Hang Pagoda

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Du Hang Pagoda was founded three centuries ago. It’s been rebuilt several times, but remains a fine example of traditional Vietnamese architecture and…

5. Cat Ba National Park

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Cat Ba's beautiful national park is home to 32 species of mammal, including most of the world's 65 remaining golden-headed langurs, the world's most…

6. Trung Trang Cave

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Within Cat Ba National Park but accessed from a separate roadside entrance 2km north of Hospital Cave, the multi-chambered Trung Trang Cave is fun to…

7. Hang Thien Cung

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Part of the same cave system as nearby Hang Dau Go, Hang Thien Cung has ‘cauliflower’ limestone growths as well as stalactites and stalagmites.

8. Hang Dau Go

22.14 MILES

This huge cave consists of three chambers reached via 90 steps. Inside, ceilings soar up to 25m high, while some rather disco-festive lighting illuminates…