Mine Action Visitor Centre

South-Central Vietnam

Quang Tri province was the most heavily bombed part of Vietnam and it remains the most contaminated with ordnance. This museum provides an excellent historical overview – in English and Vietnamese – with photographs of the 1972 destruction of Quang Tri Citadel and of people attempting to deactivate mines with bamboo sticks. Other displays detail the tragic legacy of the defoliant Agent Orange. Call an hour ahead and Phu, the excellent English-speaking manager, will show you around the museum.

Information panels detail the grim reality for locals: cluster bombs cause 46% of incidents, of which 80% are fatal. Over 8500 people have died in the province since the war ended. Minority people are particularly vulnerable as they seek scrap metal to sell. Films (from 11 minutes to over an hour) are also available to view.

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