Vinh Moc Tunnels

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in Demilitarised Zone
Image by Nigel Killeen / Getty Images
Image by Nigel Killeen / Getty Images

A highly impressive complex of tunnels, Vinh Moc is the remains of a coastal North Vietnamese village that literally went underground in response to unremitting American bombing. More than 90 families disappeared into three levels of tunnels running for almost 2km, and continued to live and work while bombs rained down around them. Most of the tunnels are open to visitors and are kept in their original form (except for electric lights, a more recent addition).

An English-speaking guide will accompany you around the complex, pointing out the 12 entrances until you emerge at a glorious beach that faces the South China Sea (East Sea). The museum has photos and relics of tunnel life, including a map of the tunnel network. The Vinh Moc tunnels are often compared to the Cu Chi tunnels, which are more cramped and humid, and were intended for soldiers, not civilians.

The turn-off to Vinh Moc from Hwy 1 is 6.5km north of the Ben Hai River in the village of Ho Xa. Follow this road east for 13km.