Piedra del Medio


This is a small island in the middle of the Orinoco River.

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1. Museo de Ciudad Bolívar

0.36 MILES

The Casa del Correo del Orinoco – an example of impressive colonial architecture – houses the Museo de Ciudad Bolívar, a hodgepodge of modern art and…

2. Mirador Angostura

0.44 MILES

This hilltop lookout gives you wonderful views of the enormous Orinoco River.

3. Antigua Cárcel

0.45 MILES

The Antigua Cárcel is a restored 18th-century prison building that functioned as a jail until 1952 and now contains the Bolívar state culture offices.

4. Casa del Congreso de Angostura

0.47 MILES

The brash pink Casa del Congreso de Angostura dominates the western side of the plaza. Built in the 1770s, in 1819 it was home to lengthy debates by the…

5. Casa Piar

0.48 MILES

On the northern side of the plaza is the Casa Piar, where General Manuel Piar was kept prisoner in October 1817 before being positioned against the…

6. Catedral

0.52 MILES

Ciudad Bolívar's magnificent cathedral dates from 1790 and dominates the Plaza Bolívar with its yellow and white painted facade and attractive interior.

7. Alcaldía de Heres

0.59 MILES

A pair of fine old buildings on both sides of the street, connected by the graceful arch of an aerial walkway.

8. Centro de las Artes

0.63 MILES

On the southern edge of the colonial sector is the tree-shaded Plaza Miranda. Positioned at the halfway point between the cathedral and the cemetery, it…