Quonset Huts at Main Wharf

Corrugated iron remains from WWII.

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2. Luganville Market


Villagers come from all over to sell their produce here. It’s near the Sarakata Bridge.

3. Leweton Cultural Village


Listen to women making water music and see other traditions from the Banks Islands. Located near the airport; book in advance.

4. Aore Island

1.65 MILES

Across the Segond Channel, Aore island is easily reached on the free resort ferry. There's not much regular transport on the island so you're limited to…

5. Ransuck Cultural Village

1.94 MILES

Community members from Pentecost take you through a lush garden and show you how their beautiful mats are made. Near the airport.

7. Million Dollar Point

4.21 MILES

Million Dollar Point, where hundreds of tonnes of US military equipment was dumped, now shows its coral-encrusted machinery to snorkellers and divers. At…

8. Millennium Cave


Trek and trudge through the jungle, across creeks, along bamboo bridges and through cascades to this massive cave, 20m wide and 50m high, about 15km from…