Crying Mother Monument


North of Mustaqillik maydoni is the Crying Mother Monument. Fronted by an eternal flame, it was constructed in 1999 to honour the 400,000 Uzbek soldiers who died in WWII. The niches along its two corridors house their names.

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Nearby Tashkent attractions

1. Art Gallery of Uzbekistan

0.15 MILES

One of the more recent additions to Tashkent's museum scene is this impressive building, which presents rotating exhibits of Uzbekistan's top contemporary…

2. Romanov Palace


The animal-festooned brick facade of the Tsarist-era Romanov Palace is worth a quick look but the building itself is closed to the public.

3. Senate Building

0.28 MILES

The shiny white edifice on the western side of the Independence Square is the Senate building. The president's office and most ministries take up the…

5. Earthquake Memorial

0.49 MILES

The New Soviet men and women who rebuilt Tashkent after the 1966 earthquake are remembered in stone at the Earthquake Memorial just north of Mustaqilik…

6. State History Museum of the Timurids

0.57 MILES

Shaped like a Mexican sombrero, this museum was built to commemorate the 600th birthday of Timur. There are almost no genuine artefacts here, but there…

7. Sheikh Hovendi Tahur Mausoleum

0.63 MILES

This little-visited mausoleum was built for a 14th-century Sufi saint and gives its name to the surrounding Sheikhantur complex. It's tricky to find, east…

8. Kaldirgochbiy Mausoleum

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This little-visited, pyramid-roofed mausoleum is for devoted fans of Central Asian architecture. It's tricky to find, east of the Tashkent Islamic…