Navoi Statue


This statue commemorates the Uzbek national poet Alisher Navoi.

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Nearby Uzbekistan attractions

1. Yubileyny Bazaar


Termiz's central bazaar is a useful landmark and a good place to pick up local minibuses.

2. Clock Tower

0.49 MILES

The Soviet-era clock tower is a useful landmark in the centre of Termiz.

3. Termiz Archaeological Museum

0.63 MILES

The Termiz Archaeological Museum is reason enough to visit Termiz. Unveiled in 2001, the museum is a treasure trove of Buddhist and Bactrian artefacts…

5. Kyrk Kyz

2.11 MILES

It's worth the 30-minute walk northwest from the Sultan Saodat Ensemble to this ruined fortified manor house, where you can wander the maze-like series of…

6. Sultan Saodat Ensemble

2.17 MILES

The restored Timurid-style Sultan Saodat ensemble of monochrome mausoleums won’t impress you if you’ve been to Samarkand, but it makes a fun trip combined…

7. Mausoleum of Al-Hakim al-Termizi

5.85 MILES

Termiz's holiest sight is dedicated to a 9th-century Sufi philosopher, known locally as Al-Hakim, the city’s patron saint. In a triumph for…

8. Fayoz-Tepe


The best place to glimpse Termiz's Buddhist past is at this 3rd-century-AD Buddhist monastery complex, 9km west of the bus station. Discovered only in…