Yakima Greenway

Central Washington

A pleasant oasis in an otherwise unremarkable city, the Greenway is best accessed via Sarg Hubbard Park at I-82 exit 33. It has 18 miles of paths for walkers and cyclists that track the fast-flowing Yakima River through a string of parks and recreation areas, including an off-leash dog park.

One good stop-off point is the Yakima Area Arboretum, just east of exit 34, where a collection of more than 2000 species of tree and shrub spreads over 46 acres of landscaped gardens. You can pick up a free walking-tour brochure at the Jewett Interpretive Center.

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1. Yakima Area Arboretum

1.09 MILES

This urban green space on 46 acres gathers more than 1000 trees native to the Yakima River area, with demonstration gardens (water-conserving xeriscaping…

2. Jewett Interpretive Center


Acting as de facto headquarters of the Yakima Area Arboretum, this small building includes a gift shop with a bookstore and a few displays about the…

3. Yakima Valley Museum

3.05 MILES

This highly educational and entertaining museum is one of the state's best. It tells the story of the region from a geographic and historical viewpoint,…

4. Yakama Nation Museum & Cultural Center

16.61 MILES

The history of the Yakama Native Americans is well documented at the Yakama Nation Cultural Center, which exhibits traditional costumes, baskets and beads…

5. American Hop Museum

17.54 MILES

Equipment, artifacts and photos tell the story of the Yakima Valley's hop-growing history.

6. Fort Simcoe State Park

24.87 MILES

An interesting historical fort complex is preserved in the 200-acre Fort Simcoe State Park, an oasis of green amid scorched desert hills. It was built in…

8. Kittitas County Historical Museum

27.31 MILES

Housed in the 1889 Cadwell Building, this museum is known mostly for its petrified-wood and gemstone collections but also boasts several rooms full of…